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College Freshman Dating Tips

Posted by iwanttofitin on February 14, 2007

These are more “facts” than they are “tips.” Basically, everything I’m about to say has been observed by me in my almost 5 years of college.

Really, the only thing there to know is, don’t date anyone as a freshman in college. You are still the dumb, moronic high schooler who says “I love you” after the second date. So is every other freshman, which means you can’t help each other out.

If you have a bf/gf and are going to the same college together, for goodness sakes, do NOT take the same classes together. No matter how sweet and fun you think it will be. You’ll both see that there are better significant others out there (or at least think so) and you’ll be broken up sometime within the first semester, typically after drop date. Now you’re stuck in the same class with the one person you want to be the furthest away from. How cool is that? Now you both have to avoid each other coming and leaving class. You sit at the opposite ends of the room and avoid eye contact. There is that awkward moment where you both look at each other at the same moment, but that is fixed by the whip-lash jerk of the head straight back to your book that is opened to the wrong page. Oh, my bad, you have the wrong book out.

Another possibilty to this breakup is that one of you will stop coming to class and fail. That’s how everyone wants to begin their freshman year. Especially when HOPE gets evaluated every semester. I guess your “love” was worth it.

To that, add this: Don’t date someone in one of your classes until the last 2-4 weeks of the semester. This is a tip for everyone, no matter what year you are. If you start dating someone at the beginning of the semester and you break up, then you have the same problems of the “I love you” freshmen. So, if you start at the end of the semester and things don’t work out, you’re only stuck with awkwardness for at most a week or two. If you’re lucky you made it past the final exam and don’t have to worry about that person again. At least not until next semester where there is that chance you could be stuck in a class with that same jerk! Better be flexible with your available times to take class. Suck it up and take the 8 a.m. or even the 10 p.m. class if needed to avoid as much drama as possible.

Here’s a good pointer on what to look for if you really can’t keep your “love” contained until you are a little wiser. If you’re a guy stay away from the makeup “beauties.” You know what I’m referring to. The one’s who wear masks of clay to make themselves look presentable. They also dress up for class. Really, why do that? A dress and high heels? Is that what attracts the college guy? Wear some pajamas, a hoody, and put that hair in a mess. A good guy can see through the “I just rolled out of bed so let me alone. I don’t want to be here either” look. The same goes for what a girl should look for. The Abercrombie & Finch and Holligay boys are a no no. Do you want a guy who is more high maintenance than you? Go for the same pajama type in a guy or the one who just wears jeans and a normal looking shirt. None of this “I can dress just as well as a homosexual.” That isn’t a plus. Just make sure he isn’t failing his classes. If he can’t teach you something about the classes he is taking, forget him.

Glad I could help. There are obviously more tips out there. I thought these could give you a nice little “common sense” head start.


2 Responses to “College Freshman Dating Tips”

  1. You should add: Just because you made out with an older guy at a frat party… doesn’t mean he wants to date you. It just means he was drunk, and looking for an easy freshman.

    … or something of that nature!

  2. Gracie said

    haha, wow that was very insightful!

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