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Looking for a Female? Not Here…

Posted by iwanttofitin on February 14, 2007

Someone reading this might wonder why I’ve been this observant but it is in my nature. and truth be told, it’s funny. I won’t lie, “E” should hire me.

I currently attend Kennesaw State University in my attempt to secure a second degree in Accounting. My Finance degree was obtained here and there were many classes where I couldn’t help but just browse around and take in the beauty of some of the female students. KSU has a gender mix of approximately 60% female to 40% male. There are oodles of girls walking around and there are a plethora of very attractive ones floating around all classes. At least I used to think so.

I am currently in 3 classes. One is an Intermediate Accounting class where it is expected to have more males in it. I exclude this class from my observation especially since almost 20% dropped it after the first exam-most of them girls. I guess us men really are smarter. Now to continue on less important matters. Today I found out that my Geography class is comprised of about 90% elementry education majors. Why? I don’t know. I’m in it because I need some easy credit. The same goes for my History class. After the first or second week, the this one thought kept entering my mind-“why aren’t there any good looking girls”? This is KSU!! Today my question was answered. It was like someone smacked me on the side of my head. I got it. Think about all the teachers you ever had. Done? Good. There was that token looker but other than her they were all ugly. I never had a crush on any of my teachers. As I looked around the class I realized that they truly were teachers. Younger and more naive, but still teachers. This is not to say ALL elementary education majors are ugly. I am friends with a few and know of some more and there are some good looking ones. But as a whole, they are ugly.

For all the guys who want to take education or nursing classes for the girls. Only do it as a freshman. You’ll thank me.

This brings me to another point. There have been many times in my college career where I debated taking a nursing class to meet some nice good looking girls. Being one of only 1 or 2 males in a class ought to give you a good chance of meeting someone worth keeping. Well, I am pleased to say that my trips to the nursing building’s computer lab kept me from making that fatal mistake. Again, there are the exceptions. And again, I know some of them. As a rule though, after the freshman year, it’s sort of a lost cause.

I don’t have to worry about this because of a college football game fluke. As of now, this is not a concern to me. Check some of the comments and you’ll know why.


One Response to “Looking for a Female? Not Here…”

  1. Catie said

    This is my question, why were you wondering, after the first or second week of classes, “why aren’t there any good looking girls?”


    that’s a little sketchy-sketch.

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