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“You are such a Sodomite!”

Posted by iwanttofitin on February 14, 2007

Now that would be a put-down. If you just wanted to put someone in their place, that’s all you gotta say. “Stop being such a sodomite!” Really, this whole “gay” thing has been bothering me for years. I don’t ever use it. “That’s gay” and “You’re so gay.” It’s pointless. Homosexuals have taken over a word that was used for really good things and turned it into butt-sex. No wonder it’s used as a put-down these days!

Take Sodom and Gomorrah for example: The inhabitants of these cities gave up the opposite sex and turned to anal sex. God obviously was not pleased because he destroyed everyone living there. I mean, come on, they even tried to have their way with the Angels! So along come the homosexuals of the 21st century and they’ve been in the closet for years because obviously it’s looked down upon. They start “coming out” and claiming to be “gay.” Now I get it. I was taught that “gay” meant happy and “homosexual” meant disgustingly unnatural. Whoops, I guess “gay” really means “happy sodomy.” I now accept it as good.

Back to my point. So let’s stop with this trash about things being “gay” as a put-down and let’s start saying what we really think. “He’s sooo sodom. Look how he dresses.”

You’re gay for actually believing this. “Gay” is such a great word for put-downs. I just felt like writing the word “Sodomite.”


2 Responses to ““You are such a Sodomite!””

  1. Dave said

    This blog entry is hella gay.

  2. Smiley said

    Um, people do not claim to be gay. You either are or you are not. Do you think I’d choose to be chased down the street with a baseball bat by frat boys (which has happened to me). Or being disowned by my family (which has happened to me). Stop using the gay tag for your stories. That’s how I found this damned blog. Nothing worse than trying to find bloggers I can relate to – and I stumble upon the likes of you! Write about your red-headed female crush, and stop writing entry upon entry about gays. It makes me wonder whether you actually may play for our team?

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