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Two Week Romance: Second Chapter

Posted by iwanttofitin on February 15, 2007

For part 1 click here.

It seems the “Two Week Romance” is a hit. It’s moved up from the bottom of “Top Posts” to second place in half a day. I’m impressed. I assume that means you want more Harlequin Romance novel trash. You’ll get it.

Chapter 2: There were a group of us who got together the day before our exams to study. It worked out well for me if you wanted to know. My thought was if I could ask the red-head how she did on the last test I could get her to study with me…us. Instant phone number exchange. I was on to something. The trick was, she never came to the class after the exam. Cool. Was I supposed to ask her about it two weeks later? Remember, this is a summer class so you only come once a week.

Lucky me! After one of the classes she skipped I happened to pretty much run right into her as she came through the stairwell door. Cue the sweat and blushing face. I can’t believe how bold I was! What came out of my mouth was the most sincere smile you could imagine (at least that’s how it looked in my head) and a “Hi.” That’s it. A “Hi” and then I walked right past her. At least I got her attention. Give me credit for that. The red-head would even sneak gimpses of me during class after our little incident. I sat in the back and she sat 3 or 4 rows ahead and would do one of those “look-behinds.” The one where you’re checking someone out but try to make it look like you are scanning the whole room. It doesn’t work. Trust me.

Later you’ll find out what the outcome of me sitting two next to her in the computer lab was! This will also mark the beginning of the two weeks.

For part 3 click here.


2 Responses to “Two Week Romance: Second Chapter”

  1. Catie said

    I don’t know why I’m reading this. I know the outcome of the story.

  2. I know that scan… the ‘there has to be a clock in this room somewhere, maybe it’s behind me’ scan.

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