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Two Week Romance: Third Time’s a Charm

Posted by iwanttofitin on February 15, 2007

For Part 1 click here.

So now we’re nearing the half-way point of the summer semester in my quest to at least talk to the red-head. That means there are only about 3 good weeks left for me to make some sort of move. If you want to call it that. The last week doesn’t count because that’s the final exam. No one makes friends on that day.

I had just finished up our second exam and went into the common area where all the students congregate. There are two computers across from the class room I just came out of so I decided to “use” one while I wait for the red-head to finish her exam. Maybe I could confront her somehow as she went to her next class. I had to do something! The problem with these computers is that my back would be facing the door-not my face. Basically, I positioned myself in such a way where I could see who was coming out of the room on the computer monitor. Sketch, I know. This sounds like a good creepy plan and all, but the one problem I forgot was this-for it to work, I had to watch the reflection the entire time. How weird is that? Long boring part of the story short, I never saw her come out.

I log off, grab my stuff and walk sulkingly to the real computer lab. As I walk in my heart jumps and my butt starts sweating. That’s what happens when I get real nervous. I’ve mentioned this to friends thinking it’s normal. It’s not. The little old (she is 28. maybe even 29 now) red-head is sitting down at a computer. Ugh! End of the row with a dude in the only seat next to her! The smart guy I am sits down in the seat next to the guy even though there are plenty of double and triple seats available. First rule of computer labs. Don’t sit next to someone unless you have to. I was on a mission so I HAD to.

I’m sitting there waiting for this guy to move. He leaves. Wait. Now what? Do I move over a seat? That’s awkward. Why don’t I go ahead and give her a note that says “Do you like me? Check one.” Creepy too. Not as creepy as the computer monitor, I know. There are facebook groups for creepers.

This time, I mutter something a little better than “hi.” “How do you think you did on the test”? Bummer. That’s the best you could do? To let you know, it was all that was needed. She was waiting for any reason to talk for ages. Imediately she turns to me and starts yapping away catching me off guard. The sweat goes away but I’m a little shaky not knowing what to say back. This is one of those situations where you actually talk to a girl who acts like she has been wanting to talk to you. These are very rare and it helps out immensely with first-time conversation.

Ok, I got her talking. To me! What do I do now? I have to have a purpose. She likes me, right? Right? This is what I consider the beginning of the two weeks.

for part 4 click here.


2 Responses to “Two Week Romance: Third Time’s a Charm”

  1. julie said

    what happens?? the suspense is killing me!!

  2. Blair said

    spit it out already!

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