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Happy Venereal Disease!

Posted by iwanttofitin on February 16, 2007

Every year there are probably thousands of Valentine’s Day articles written specifically about being single on Valentine’s Day and how to cope with it. Today I’ve decided to join their company but with one smidgen of a difference. The difference is I’m not writing to make you feel good. If I can, that makes me happy. No, I’m going to be the realist and call out all those people who act like they are so happy to be single on VD.

If you were on facebook any time during the day before or day of VD you have seen, via newsfeed, hundreds (depending on the amount of friends you have. I’m popular. Sorry.) of status claiming such things as “so and so is soooo glad she’s single for VD because she’ll get to hang out with her girls!” What a bunch of bull. What ever happened to the rest of that statement? It should continue with this “…who are single while all my friends with dates are going to have a much more amazing time than I.”

The truth is, she and the other girls claiming to be happy are ticked off right now that they were dumped or no one asked them to be their Valentine. Why proclaim it to everyone if it’s true? Dates are good. Friends are good. Friends of the opposite sex are good to be around. Dancing is good. Dinner is good. I don’t get it. These things are good AND expensive every other day out of the year, but when there comes a day that it is celebrated to spoil someone, you’re happy not to take part in it? That makes no sense. Granted, the day was made up for the sole purpose of selling greeting cards and has become very commercialized, but still. How many people really know that?

If you’re depressed, you are probably a girl. That’s fine. Go have fun with some girl friends who are dateless and whine together. The world doesn’t want to know. Ever think that there’s a reason no one wanted to take you out? Probably because you’re such a whiner. I don’t like whiners.

Guys I can understand not caring too much about VD. I think most guys would like to have a Valentine’s date with a cute girl he likes but getting upset and depressed over it probably doesn’t happen too much. When they do complain about not having a date, that really worries me. On the other hand, I’m sure it is a relief to not have to spend any extra money on that one day. Men have enough financial trouble as it is spending money on girls. It’s an investment that sometimes doesn’t work out.

I hope you all had a Happy Valentine’s Day. I know you did if you are one of the above.


One Response to “Happy Venereal Disease!”

  1. julie said

    haha, yeah….

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