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More Practical College Dating Tips for the Ladies

Posted by iwanttofitin on February 16, 2007

There was an overwhelming response to “College Freshman Dating Tips” that I decided to continue with it. This time it is for any female college student.

Being in college almost 5 years gives me some sort of authority when it comes to almost anything concerning college relationships. Others have spentmuch longer in school, but I doubt many reading this have been in longer than myself.

Our first tip is one submitted one of my avid readers. She may be the only one.:

Just because you made out with an older guy at a frat party… doesn’t mean he wants to date you. It just means he was drunk, and looking for an easy freshman.

The rest are submitted by me because this is my blog.

Ok, some of my female friends have had trouble figuring out a guy’s intentions. I can understand that. There are lot of guys trying to snag a good girl before someone else does comes along. You don’t want to be stuck with left-overs. After many hours of counseling these sweet souls, I have this to offer:

If you’ve been talking to a guy for a while and even gone on a few dates but he tells you that he’s not quite ready to get into a relationship yet-ditch him. Aren’t you already in one? You went on dates, played tennis, drank coffee at Starbucks and talked for three hours. That’s a relationship. Usually he tells you he wants to be friends for a while. What this means is he likes you but is probably liking another girl too and wants to make sure he picks the right one. That or he’ll end up making you both his girlfriend. That’s a lot of fun. The big kicker is if you’ve both already established that you like each other. He’s got to be a loser. What are you waiting for, guy? Don’t ever hesitate on something like that. You’ll lose it. Lamo, dude.

Another thing I hear a lot is this: “There’s this guy who’s in my class that sat next to me today. He wanted to study with me today for our test so I said ‘sure’ and gave him my number.” First mistake. “He called me and wanted to know if we could meet at Starbucks to study and drink coffee. Does he like me?” Of course. There are no random study sessions like that. They don’t just come out of no where. You need to have talked at least one class before you ask to study with a member of the opposite sex. It’s a rule if it’s strickly for studying and nothing else. If a guy is interested, he will find any reason to talk.

The last tip today is pretty simple. Rejection may suck whether you’re a guy or girl, but girls please give it to the guy straight up. Flat out reject him if you’re not interest. A “sorry, I’m not interested” or something along those lines goes a long way in keeping a guy out of your life. Once you feed the line, “I have a boyfriend,” it gives him a chance. He’ll find out you don’t have one and try, try again. You don’t have to the heart to say “No.” That’s sweet, but cruel. Rejection is part of life. Give it to those who need it.


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