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My Two Week Romance: The End

Posted by iwanttofitin on February 16, 2007

For part 1 click here.

This is now the home stretch. Two weeks of wonder is left. Yeah, I know it says “Two Week Romance” but last episode I established that it was really three. Do you care that much?

The semester was over. There could be no more study sessions. Everything was on me. All the red-head had to do was reject me or continue with what little we started. Good thing I have amazing intuition. I know what subtle rejection is like. I always get the hint.

I wait an appropriate couple days before I first call her. Umm, bummer, she doesn’t pick up. Rejection. I leave a message to be courteous and ask her to call me back when she has a chance. Gotta go to the bathroom. Suck! I should have brought my phone to the bathroom because she called while I was in there. Left a message too. This goes on for the next few days. It was a major pain. It was a real phone tag. She won because she got ahold of me first…three days later. The thing was this-she owned her own house and worked full time as a bartender to pay for it so she was always working. I had been wanting ask her to get together for the day BEFORE she got me on the phone. Thanks old woman. Not your fault, I know.

We talk for a while and she apologizes for not being easy to get ahold of and I have to do the same. We both were at fault. Red-head tells me that she would love to as soon as she gets back from a week long vacation with some friends. An end-of-the-semester wind-down. “That’s fine.” I get a flashing red light of an answer back. “I’ll call you when I get back and we’ll figure something out.” Oh man, that has “rejection” all over it. We hang up and I consider that the end. That’s a typical, “I don’t have the heart to reject you with words so I just won’t give you a chance to talk to me again,” rejection.

That was a Saturday. She left on Sunday and came back on a Monday. I’m at work and I get a call on my cell phone. It can’t. This where things get really fishy. I answer and can’t talk but for a minute because I’m at work so I tell her I’ll call when I’m done with work. Settled. Works over and I call. Her phone’s off so it goes straight to voice mail. That catches me off-guard so I call back a few minutes later and actually leave a message knowing that it won’t show up as me calling twice because of the phone being off. Trust me, I wouldn’t have called again if the phone was on. I’m not stupid.

That was a Monday. Oh, in case you’re wondering, I don’t count the week she was out of town. So we’re at a little over two weeks right now. Nearing the end. She never calls back. Confident that she doesn’t want to talk, I waited until Friday to make a last ditch effort call. If she didn’t pick up, that was the end for me. If she did, well, I’d have to go with how she talked to me. The way a girl answers questions and talks on the phone gives you enough information to whether or not she’s interested. First ring and she picks up. Freaky. Freakin’ awesome!

This last hour of my romance really messes with me. Big time. I still can’t figure it out. She gives me the typical apology right off the bat about being at a concert the night I called. I can handle that. Why didn’t you call Tuesday through Thursday? I’m not buying it yet. Any doubts are erased after we talk for about an hour and it’s non-stop back and forth. No awkward silences. We kept each other laughing and interested the whole There weren’t any one word answers from her. She even asked me a lot of questions. If she was flashing a “stay away from me” sign, it must have fallen over, because I couldn’t see it.

I ask her if she wants to get together the next week and, of course, she gladly says “yes.” She tells me she’ll call me on Monday and let me know what her schedule is like and we’ll make plans. This was a legitimate thing, so you know. The fall semester was starting up and she needed to get her work and class schedule down before committing to a day with me. End of conversation. End of all communication. Never heard from her again. Goodbye red-head.

The End. A let-down, know. It was the same for me.

It’s all good though. That would be one of the very few times I wasn’t able to read a girl. I just call her crazy. What’s even better is I’m dating the Tuscaloosa girl from “At 22 I Urinated on Myself” right now so I could care less about the red-head. Thanks Cate. You also might be asking yourself why she’s dating me after reading what’s on my blog. Heck, you’d wonder the same if you knew me. I wonder why everyday.


4 Responses to “My Two Week Romance: The End”

  1. Catie said

    That was sweet…

  2. Blair said

    Red-head met someone else in the midst of all that conversing with you. That’d be my guess. Not that you were asking for guesses.

  3. Jessica V. (same Real Estate class) said

    ok, great story….although I think I might know who you are talking about – if its who I think it is, then we need to talk about your choice in girls!

    You know what; I made out with two guys in that same class….I guess it was something about that teacher that made our minds wonder to stuff about other things besides Real Estate!

  4. Casey said

    Dude, I had the red-head in a couple classes, see her around campus… never with any other dude. My conclusion is that
    (1) she’s gay
    (2) she’s just not that into you
    and I’m going to agree with Vickery in that your choice in girls (in this isolated situation) is below par. You are better off now. THE END

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