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Two Week Romance: A Date?

Posted by iwanttofitin on February 16, 2007

For Part 1 click here.

Since we’ve made it to the beginning of the “Romance” stage of the story, it must be nearing an end. You’d be correct in that assumption. But the end is real tricky. This won’t be it. Close, but not quite there. Keep reading though. I know you want to.

Moving right along. Our initial conversation went great. We talked for about an hour and I made her late to her first class. She knew she was going to be late but kept talking anyway. What can I say? I’m charming. We establish that she needs to study because she ain’t exactly doing too hot in this class. As she goes to her class she spits out this classic line to me, “We’ll talk next class and exchange numbers for those study sessions.” Obvious I’m paraphrasing but it was pretty darn close to that. Did anybody else catch it? No? I noticed it as soon as she was done speaking. She could have taken 15 more seconds to exchange numbers, right? Her sneakiness was making sure I’d talk to her again. More face time means more chance of taking a real interest in her. She was right. I was already waiting for that next class. Too bad it was a week later. Make sure you come back for the rest later. Kidding. Keep reading.

Needless to say, at the end of next class she already had her number written out and ready to give me. I got it. Took advantage of it too. Red-head was a strange one too. Real jumpy. She gave it to me and kind of hustled out of the room as fast as she could. Since she was 28, that’s really strange to me. I’d expect a less nervous girl.

The next day (yes, very next day. Might have even the same day.) I called and told her about a study session about half the class was having the day before our next exam. We had one every two weeks so this wasn’t premature. Confirmation recieved and that’s the end of that conversation.

This is where things got even more interesting and awkward. I arrive for the study session and lo and behold, no one is there. I’m think, “I better call and tell her so she doesn’t think I conned her into coming.” First I called a friend who was supposed to come and found out that they all canceled and forgot to call me. Thanks. I call red-head and explain. She’s coming anyway. I have to help her study? I came to the sessions to learn, not teach.

So what was supposed to be a private study session if you catch my drift (well you shouldn’t have because there wasn’t one) turned into a talk-fest and I even sneaked a little something into our conversation about hanging out sometime. No rejection. Love it.

What happens after this chance “study date” is that she starts calling me with all these Real Estate Finance questions. Really? You have five questions for each problem and call me every 10 minutes. What are you getting at? Don’t worry. I knew.

Before I finish up this section, let me explain something about the red-head. She is/was an attractive girl but never dressed up for class. She typically just threw some clothes on and came to class. No biggie. Once we exchanged numbers that all changed. She started dressing very nice and the college “I don’t care to be here” look turned into big smiles. Trying to impress someone are we? All the details you’ve read so far are very important for the very end of this whole, very cool story.

Final exam day! Oh no! I realized this is a three week romance. Who cares. It doesn’t matter. Just a technicality. Ok, final exam. She was really dressed up this day. We both study a little bit before and I even wait around for her after the exam to see how she did. I’m nice. That’s just me. As we are chatting and about to say our goodbyes for, well, forever because I’m graduating, I realize it is do or die time. All the hints are there for me. The hesitation before walking away, the pause before goodbye is said, the smile, and the awkward “do I hug you?” look. I went for it after she said, “Well, you have my number. If you’re every out with your friends or want to do something, GIVE ME A CALL” (emphasis mine). My response was, “Ok. May I give you a call to talk sometime?” The answer, “Of course!” We depart.

Stay tuned for the final chapter in my long running story coming later tonight or tomorrow. Don’t miss it! The last two weeks is a doozy!

For part 5 click here.


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