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Women Really are Inferior to Men: Part 1

Posted by iwanttofitin on February 17, 2007

This article was specifically requested by a woman, to be written by me. Of course I said, “That’s too controversial and anyways, I don’t believe it.” Well, about five minutes went by and I realized that that statement is so true. I had to tackle this most important of topics. If anyone is offended, I’m glad. I will never apologize just because someone didn’t like what I said. Life is filled with offenses. Accept it. Maybe I’d be offended that you’re offended. On with women’s inferiority:

Inferior Example 1: The military is a place of supreme mental and physical capability. You can’t cut it, you’re out, Tubby! The male body is obviously built for utilitarian functions. We can carry more weight for longer periods of time and distances than women. We’re not talking about a few pounds either. There are exceptions, yes. Exceptions don’t make the rule. I know Forrest Gump is a movie, but there is much truth in that scene in Vietnam. Forrest is making multiple trips into the jungle, picking up men, throwing them on his shoulder, and carrying them to safety. That’s strength and endurance more than any woman could pull off. Let’s also look at the mental capability of Forrest. He was slower than most, but when it came time to take action, he didn’t hesitate. Friends he was trying to save are dying and he doesn’t sit there and cry. He immediately takes initiative and does what it takes to save them whether it endangers his life or not. When it comes to war, no one wants to rely on a woman to save them. BAM! My leg just got blown off! I want to know that one of my fellow soldiers can get me the hell out of there. Women aren’t assets on the front lines; they are liabilities. If a man gets captured, we have to worry only about his life. A woman gets captured and we have the added fear of her getting raped. Militarily, women are inferior.

Inferior Example 2: Think about any sport and try to think of a place where a woman has excelled along with the men. You’re going to bring up the tennis match between Robert Larimore (“Bobby”) Riggs and Billie Jean King. Yes, King beat Riggs. If they were close in age it might be worth noting. King was what? 30 years old and at the top of her game. Riggs was 55 and out of shape. How is that a comparable matchup? It was like she was playing her dad.

Look at the Olympics. These are athletes who are at the absolute peak out of all the people in the world. The women are amazing. The men are amazing. Have them compete together and the women would get trashed and torn apart. The 100 meters race is supposed to tell us who the fastest man/woman is in the world. The world record for the men is 9.77 seconds. The world record for the women is 10.49. That’s a HUGE difference. You’re talking about a 30 foot difference if they were to race side by side. Not even close. I won’t list them out, but look at all the other events and compare them. No contest.

Now I am brought to golf. There has been such a big uproar over banning women from the PGA tour. It’s a men’s golf tournament. I completely agree. I say start letting women in once the LPGA starts letting men in. Ban them until then or don’t ever let them in. It’s a private tournament so the PGA should allow and disallow whomever they please. The LPGA would never open up their tournament to men because they know the men would win ever year and no woman would come even close. Feminists want to talk about equality of the sexes. Well that should go both ways. Not one. Men dominate in sports. Get over it.

I think that’s good enough for now. Part 2 will be coming soon and I’ll be discussing a few more differences.


26 Responses to “Women Really are Inferior to Men: Part 1”

  1. Leslie said

    not gonna lie it’s pretty true and, i’m not offended

  2. Maura said

    Don’t you think that maybe women might have more of a chance to be equal to men athletically and militarily if there weren’t stereotypes and other barriers holding them back?

  3. ggwfung said

    testerone fueled rage I think



  4. Emma said

    yeah yeah whatever men have power and women have brains.
    i think im happy with what we got.

  5. Blair said

    So true for so many reasons. God designed us this way. We are better at other things, like nurturing and multi-tasking (read: running a household). It’s nothing to be ashamed of, it’s something wonderful to be embraced. Call me old fashioned if you want but I have one of the happiest marriages I know of because my husband and I have embraced this TRUTH!

  6. The Lolz said

    Don’t you think that maybe women might have more of a chance to be equal to men athletically and militarily if there weren’t stereotypes and other barriers holding them back?


  7. Richie said

    Women could break through barriers, athletically and militarily, if they were strong enough.

    But they are not.

    They are much more attractive than men, however.

  8. sbafna said

    The article has been written from only one perspective from a man’s perspective and it shows only past trends and not future trends.

    In the past throughout the world women had secondary roles to men as the so-called powerful men were in charge of things.

    Men were blessed with good physical bodies and physical strength and definitely looked mightier than women and so automatically became the boss. (I sometimes still wonder how come men came to be in charge-will have to research on history sometime). They controlled and ruled the world and probably coerced women to their ways only on the basis of their physical strength, not because they were any better.

    The reason women are the way they are is due to long tradition of them being these soft nurturing types. They have been brought up that way. It is more so to do with the way people are brought up then their abilities. I had once come across a very interesting story which I remember very vaguely about how a single fox was living between all dogs and came to believe that he too was a dog and never really realized his own potential although he was capable of more.

    Men and women throughout the world were being brought up with those same traditions and beliefs, hence even though women could perform the tasks better it was just their own mental blocks created by the way society was that prevented them to do it the other way.

    Today women are getting educated and more enlightened and have realized that they can perform most of the tasks. They are taking lead roles in every sphere of life and more of them are following suit as they have got role models to look up to and know that they too can achieve if they try and work harder and therefore the so called gender roles are diminishing

    To conclude what has been explained in the above article by IWanttoFitIn highlights the past trends and not the future and present. Moreso the examples taken are all about physical abilities like military, sports and Olympics which are all about physical strengths and men do have an edge on that but women are not inferior to men in any sense, as they have proven their mettle in these spheres of lives also apart from other.

  9. No matter who wrote this article; male or female, it would still only be from one perspective. Who’s to say my perspective is bad because I am a male? You are assuming past trends in your assumption of my perspective so that argument can’t be used.

    Secondly, thank you for proving my point. I never said men were superior mentally; only physically and you confirmed it in your response. If you notice, this is Part 1 of 2 which means there was more to be said.

  10. Paul said

    Interesting and thought-provoking article and comments.

    I am wondering if any one was familiar with John Paul II’s “Theology of the Body”? These concepts are based on a series of lectures JPII presented at the beginning of his papacy. Basically says we are not somehow spirits trapped in these bodies – but rather equally body and spirit. The design of our bodies reflects God’s plan for us.

    There is a lot of good information about this at http://www.theologyofthebody.net. Christopher West is a great speaker on this topic – his site is http://www.theologyofthebody.com. Check out Mr. West’s CD titled: “Women – God’s Masterpiece!”

    These ideas have been called a “theological time bomb” – we are just now starting to see the impact. It is really just a clarification of what the Church has taught for several thousand years – but it is really life-changing. The concepts can be applied to virtually everything we do. In future years JPII will be remembered more for the Theology of the Body concepts than even his efforts to bring down the Soviet Union.

  11. Mark Haines said

    This article is such trash it doesn’t have the ability to offend.

  12. Why are your claims soley based on abilities to do physical tasks?

    You have not made a convincing argument.

  13. Why are your claims solely based on abilities to do physical tasks?

    Where in the article do I state that men are mentally superior? I consider men and women equal in that area. Read part 2. If men are equal mentally and superior physically, then that makes women inferior.

  14. “Where in the article do I state that men are mentally superior?”

    That was my point, you only made half an argument. I’m not sure you understood me, as your response made no sense.

  15. To take just one example: If men are superior physically, why are they so much more likely to die — at any age, a man is much more likely to die than a woman. Visit the old folks home (er, “retirement community”) and look around — how many men are there? Women have better immune systems and are risk averse. This would take a longer essay to answer, perhaps I’ll write it.

  16. bbyers said

    Heres what i think-
    Men and women were made differently to complete each other. The male happens to be superior in physical strength and therefore assumes the “protector” role. Females, on the otherhand, have a nurturing role. Neither of these positions are “secondary” or primary to the other and shouldn’t be accepted likey. Neither of the sexes should be “in charge”. They cooperate and help each other in decision making and such.

    Once again, the differences are just there. If it was the other way around, that men were nurturers and women were the protectors, then people would still ask why that is…. If people would simply look past the differences and not ask why they exist, perhaps there wouldn’t be these non-stop debates. But chances are that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

  17. cat said

    Hee. So someone demonstrates their intelligence and resourcefulness by…joining the military.
    I take back what I said elsewhere, you do have *some* good jokes on here. 🙂

  18. Why is it that people assume things that aren’t even said in this article. I never bring up “intelligence”? I dealt only with physical differences. If you’re going to make a supposed intelligent comment, please stick with what the post is about.

  19. Kyle said

    Iwanttofitin: let’s see you put your money where your mouth is.

    Find five random female soldiers and challenge them to arm wrestle you. Videotape the results. Post the videos here.

    The average male is stronger than the average female, no argument. The pinnacle of male development is stronger than the pinnacle of female development, again no argument. But even with a moderate amount of training, a female can be strong ENOUGH to engage in physically strenuous tasks, including military combat.

    Do you think the women serving in Iraq have lighter body armor, or something? Do you think they’d even make it out of basic training if they weren’t strong enough, if they were a “liability” on the front line?

  20. Kyle said

    And while we’re at it, let’s not ignore the areas of physical development where women have the advantage over men; including flexibility, fine motor control, and pain tolerance.

    Did you know some of the best World War II snipers were female? Lyudmila Pavlichenko (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lyudmila_Pavlichenko) made over 300 confirmed kills.

  21. Kyle,

    No, I don’t think they’d make it out of basic training if they were required to be up to the standards of the men. They’ve lowered the requirements for women because there is an obvious difference in ability.

    They don’t stick women on the front lines.

    Did you know some of the best World War II snipers were female?

    What does that have to do with overall strength? Did you know that some of the best dancers are male?

  22. Kyle said

    Nice dodges.

    Do you think their body armor is lighter or something? Do you think the female soldiers are pitied so they don’t have to carry 50-100 pounds of gear in 100+ degree heat for miles after miles? You’d be wrong.

    Let’s see those arm-wrestling videos please. If women are so weak it should be easy.

  23. Kyle,

    I know nothing of their armor or the amount they carry so, as of now, I have no comment. I don’t know ANY female soldiers so those videos won’t come and it is a waste of time.

    Do you think they’d even make it out of basic training if they weren’t strong enough, if they were a “liability” on the front line?

    I do think they are a liability on the front lines. They aren’t allowed there for multiple reasons and one of those is because they are weaker and not mentally able to handle the challenges (this is a generalization because there will be a slim few who could step up to the challenge). Also, captured women are subjected to more abuse then men. They can and will be raped. That is more physical and mental abuse that becomes a liability to have women as soldiers.

    I was checking on some requirements for Army basic training and to get a score of 100% for men ages 17-21 on push-ups, you have to do at least 71. For women of the same age, the requirement is only 42 push-ups. For the 2 mile run there is an almost 3 minute difference.

    Do you think the female soldiers are pitied so they don’t have to carry 50-100 pounds of gear in 100+ degree heat for miles after miles?

    I’m sure the females aren’t pitied by the males at all. The males are probably ticked that he women don’t have to be able to do it as well or as quickly as them.

  24. Jasmine said

    Nice piece of writing, however unfortunately it is fundamentally flawed.

    Because women do not match men in their ability to carry heavy loads does not mean women are physically inferior. Women have incredible strength and endurance which they exhibit through childbirth. Note this is something men cannot do- that is give birth to children. It could be claimed that men are physically inferior in this respect.

    Also it is a fact of science that a healthy woman will most probably outlive a healthy man. This is evidence of another way men could be seen to be ‘physically inferior’.

    Furthermore it could be viewed by some to be a persuasive argument that women are physically superior to men simply because with the arrival of IVF treatment, living men are no longer necessary to continue reproducing the human race. On the other hand, living women must exist to give birth.

    However to be fair i will not try to substantiate that view, that one gender is physically superior to the other. I argue that they perform different functions and each have their strengths and their limitations.

    In addition, women have been conditioned by society to be ‘soft’ and ‘nurturing’. Social roles can be untaught, they can be overcome if one accepts that they are the master of their own destiny. In the event of this, i can assure the writer that he could rely on a woman warrior to rescue him in battle.

    However, note that a man that is not conditioned by the society in which he lives to be strong and brave he too will crumble on the battlefield as if he were a damsel in distress.

  25. andrew said

    All hail the narrow mind !! who said women have to be equal to men in everything ? you make the assumption that we men are all the same , but i’ve got news for you ” we’re not ” .

    If i were to kick your arse , would that make you inferior to me ? according to your way of thinking it would !! Take a look at the real world & you’ll see that there are a great deal more fat arse , beer gutted men out there than ” good physical bodies “.

    You should go & read some true accounts from the Vietnam war & you would realize that there were some great acts of heroism but there was also the opposite . The American government needed troops so bad that they also chose the most weak & pathetic ” boys ” who could hardly carry a bayonet , let alone a rifle .

    Would a father who is told that his son has been beheaded , think ” gee i’m glad i didn’t have a daughter ”
    Who’s doing the raping in war ? oh that’s right , superior men !! Testosterone is the thing that enables men to be violent , killers , rapists . does that make us superior ? i think not !!

    Both men & women have strengths & weaknesses & both should be acknowledged not scrutinized .It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about superiority , colour , religious beliefs or sexual preferences , the end result is always the same , hatred , violence , war etc… ” live & let live “

  26. Andrew,

    None of your arguments against my post are actually related to the content that it contained. Please, if you are going to comment (and I encourage them) make it relevant to the post and not some rant.

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