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More Stereotypes: I Poke Fun at Me (White People)

Posted by iwanttofitin on February 18, 2007

Today I was challenged by a used-to-be avid reader. I hit on something that no one likes to accept, in my article “Stereotypes are True: Stop Whining.” Here is her challenge:

Wow you are seriously troubled.

Why should black people have to change how they are? White people have some even worse traits and no one is asking them to change. What about the people who live in Freehome GA, have no front teeth, and didn’t graduate high school? The thing is, we are who we are, no one should be making fun of anyone until they have walked a mile in their shoes. And as far as style goes, black people like baggy clothes. ok whatever. emo kids like wearing girl pants.

Point being: If someone likes something, let them like it. Leave them alone, and next time you want to point your finger at someone for anything like that turn it right back around and go look in a mirror and make fun of yourself. That is the only situation that would be justified because you know yourself.

People are far too quick to judge. It’s outrageous. It would be outrageous for me to demand that people change the way they dress and act because I think they should dress and act a certain way.

My point was only this: If you are going to complain about the stereotype because it makes you look bad, why not change the behavior that causes it?

The challenge the commentor made to me was to look in the mirror and the point the finger at myself. Then make fun of myself. Ok. I’ll do that. I wrote a five part story where the ending shows me getting rejected by a girl. I’m not opposed to poking fun at myself. Everyone has stereotypes. I could have gone into all of them, it’s just that the Martin Luther King Day party was recent news.

Emo kids? That would be a subcatagory of white stereotypes. People don’t associate that with “white people.” “Oh, he’s emo.” You wouldn’t hear, “Oh he’s white.” I’m going with the stereotype cliches here.

If you’ve ever watched Dave Chappelle or listened to his comedy routine, you’d already know these. More importantly, if you’ve ever watched any sitcom, you’d know them too. You can make fun of white people without fear of backlash, but if you’re white and poke fun of another race, watch out. Go into hiding.

White people can’t dance. This is basically true compared to everyone else. We lack the sort of rythm that other races seem to be born with. There are always exceptions to any stereotype, but for the most part I agree with this. My lady friend and I attempt to dance and have no luck at all. We are embarrassed for each other. Watch The Jerk and how Steven Martin portrays white people as having no rythm. The black people have natural rythm. It’s true for the most part.

The Duke Lacross incident showed the world that whites are considered rich and cocky. We can do whatever we want because we have money and are white. We are entitled to it. Who wouldn’t believe this if all you watched was, My Super Sweet 16, Dr. 90210, Daddy’s Spoiled Little Girl, Laguna Beach, and many more? I know that there is a much smaller percentage of white people who believe we are entitled to certain things like money, power, good jobs, etc. than there are people who actually work hard to get ahead. I don’t complain about the stereotype because I know there’s truth to it.

All draft dodgers are white Republicans. Again, there is some truth to this. The only draft dodgers you hear about happen to be Republicans when it comes to political races. Why is it such a big deal for Democrats to use this to their advantage when one of their own occupied the White House for a time as a draft dodger during the Vietnam war. The infamous Bill Clinton was eventually pardoned and no one seems to care.

White people get away with murder because they are, well, white…and a Kennedy. Other races have gotten away with murder too, but it is a stereotype tacked onto white people. Ted Kennedy murdered a woman, went home and slept it off, and then reported it to the police the next day. He wasn’t charged with anything and now gets elected every term as Senator for Massachusettes. Way to go murdering white people. Money and power gets you what you want.

Jeff Foxworthy and the fellas of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour have given America a glimpse of white trash citizens. These comics jokes have become imbedded in many minds as being the true way white people are. Stupid and dirty. Part of white America is this way. Not all.

For my conclusion, I want to state again that if you care so much about the way a stereotype makes your sex or race look foolish, change the traits that make the stereotype and stop whining. Get offended by the person fueling the stereotype, not the observer.

So there you have it. I walked more than a mile in my own shoes and am still able to make fun of myself for the education of those who care. Cut me some slack. Not everyone is willing to sit and read pages and pages of examples of all the stereotypes out there in one sitting. I had narrow my focus on one group and it happened to be a group that white people aren’t allowed to talk about. We aren’t allowed. It’s an unwritten rule and everyone knows it. I just don’t care.

“I know that. I’m not stupid.”


One Response to “More Stereotypes: I Poke Fun at Me (White People)”

  1. Lizzy D. said

    I am white and I am also an excellent dancer, or so I tell myself.

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