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Stereotypes are True. Stop Whining

Posted by iwanttofitin on February 18, 2007

My post “Women Really are Inferior to Men: Part 1” collected a comment that I thought should be touched on. If not briefly, then extensively. The following is the exact comment:

Don’t you think that maybe women might have more of a chance to be equal to men athletically and militarily if there weren’t stereotypes and other barriers holding them back?

Huh? This is one of those WTF responses you hear every so often. What barriers are holding them back? Are we putting drugs in the water that only prevents women from getting stronger? The Olympics puts NO barriers in front of women and they still can’t compete with men.

The “stereotype” part is what really bothers me. By making this statement in the context it was made, the commentor is making the assumption that steroetypes aren’t true. Then where did they come from? Stereotypes are truths without the possiblity of an exception. Here’s a good one. “Blacks hate getting in water.” While true, so do whites, Asians, Hispanics, etc. There just seems to be a larger proportion of blacks that don’t like getting in water. Poof, the stereotype is born. It’s a true statement, just taken to the extreme.

Recently there was a firestorm of hate being slung at some white college students at Clemson University over a Martin Luther King Day party they had. It basically made fun of the ghettfied black culture. Rightly so, too. It’s an embarrasing culture. Anyway, the students painted their faces black, drank 40s in brown paper bags, wore grills on their teeth, and stuffed their back sides with tissue. The pictures were posted on facebook and boom-instant anger. I could have told you posting them on facebook was a mistake.

The black community at the college was offended and wanted apologies and blah blah blah. The usual. No apology was necessary, in my opinion. The white partygoers were accused of stereotyping. Of course they were stereotyping. There’s no fun in having a spoof party if you dressed up as a preppy black person. White people dress like that too. Boring. But, let me ask you this: Why is it that only the white people are told make changes are apologize? Wouldn’t it also be appropriate to get the black community as a whole to make changes to how they dress and act? There are many successful black people in the world. I’m not trying to downplay that. It’s just that there is a large portion that make those stereotypes so true because we see it every day.

Every morning on my way to work I drive by four public schools. There are probably at least 7,000 students who attend those four schools. I see black students walking to school in the morning picking up their pants every two steps because they’re too baggy. As they pick them up, their shirt falls off of a shoulder too that has to be fixed. If I’m lucky, one will be wearing a hat with a flat bill and the price tag still hanging off of it. Are they stereotyping? NO! They are the ones making the stereotype. This is very rampant all over the country. Have you ever watched BET? That’s a T.V. channel geared to black people. Who’s at fault for stereotyping?

That college party ought to make you outraged at other blacks. Sure, you can get mad at those white students. Get offended and pissed off. Tell them they were stupid and hateful. It was dumb (and I’m sure a lot of fun too) but point your efforts of change elsewhere. If you want to get rid of the stereotype then stop buying rap CDs with songs like “Let Me See Your Grill” (if it’s called that). Get your fellow black citizens to change. Stop with the ebonics, call it fruit-punch instead of “red drink,” wear clothes that fit, don’t wear jewerly on your teeth, or clocks around your neck, and get rid of ridiculous handshakes.

A lot of you are going to give me flak over this. Go for it. I don’t mind. Most won’t even make it this far and will label me a racist. Far from it. This wasn’t written specifically for black people. It was written for everyone who complains about stereotypes and how they hold people back. Get rid of traits that make the stereotypes and then start complaining about them when those traits no longer exist.

“Call me George Foreman ‘cuz I’m sellin’ everybody grillz.”


9 Responses to “Stereotypes are True. Stop Whining”

  1. Scott V said

    I’m enjoying your articles. Keep speaking the truth and making me laugh and I’ll keep reading when I’m supposed to be doing something productive at work.

  2. Emma said

    Wow you are seriously troubled.

    Why should black people have to change how they are? White people have some even worse traits and no one is asking them to change.

    What about the people who live in Freehome GA, have no front teeth, and didn’t graduate high school?
    The thing is, we are who we are, no one should be making fun of anyone until they have walked a mile in their shoes. And as far as style goes, black people like baggy clothes. ok whatever. emo kids like wearing girl pants. Point being: If someone likes something, let them like it. Leave them alone, and next time you want to point your finger at someone for anything like that turn it right back around and go look in a mirror and make fun of yourself. That is the only situation that would be justified because you know yourself.

    People are far too quick to judge. It’s outrageous.

  3. Blair said

    I love it. This is so true for Christian sterotypes as well. People say Christians are hypocrites when in fact they are just sinners like everyone else. As a Christian myself, if I see someone TRULY being hypocritical I say to them “Hey, knock it off will ya? Your fueling the fire here.”

  4. Ryan said

    Emma and all other politically correct whiners

    You are the one that is seriously troubled…. you honestly believe that no one makes fun of hillbillies, rednecks, hicks or whatever you want to call them? What about the “white and nerdy” they aren’t the butt of jokes? No one would ever dare make fun of someone with an accent… certainly not. Grow up Mommy and Daddy aren’t going to protect you all your life.

    People make fun of whatever they want to because they find it amusing. You are a sad example of what rampant political correctness has done to this country. Grow a thick skin and get over yourself – if you don’t like the stereotype that you’ve fallen into then you need to change, if you like it so be it . No one will force you to change but you can expect to continue to be lampooned for it much like everyone else who is mocked for being different.

  5. I found myself agreeing with you at first, but by the end of it all, it seemed that your views were shaped more by arrogance and narcissism than anything else.

  6. whitnee said

    DAMN!!! As a black person I agree with you, you do make a lot of good points, but as for the whole college incident now that was just really messed up! If they’re going to have that kind of party, we can’t do anything about it, but to post pictures of it on the internet for others to see it’s like they were making fun of black culture. I saw those pictures and I was some what offended, not because they painted their faces brown and were caring around 40s in brown bags, it’s true I see it everyday, but them being some white kids don’t look right, I understand if there was some black people with their faces painted white wearing Aeropostale and puking in the sink then it be different, but its just the unspoken code they should know better, just because we do it doesn’t mean you can.

  7. Jason said

    your all dumb, everybody wears baggy jeans, asians,hispanic kids all these kids now days ,and they think it’s black culture but it’s not it’s ghetto culture. in the caribbean they don’t wear baggy jeans or listen to rap get your facts in order. Black people don’t have a culture they are technically the same as whites in America or Canada, they speak english they are the same. Just like their are hillbillies their are ghetto children that ‘s it nothing more, What we have to relize is the ghetto is on tv that’s it. Ps, I’m black and i don’t wear baggy jeans and long t-shirts. I hate rap.

  8. Eddie said

    Yes, white kids wear the baggy pants and grills and tattoos also. It used to be biker attire to be considered cool by peers and sorry by responsible adults. Now nothing says piece O dung quite like the hip-hop clothing line. And when the white kids can’t get a job because of their poor grammar and tattooed neck, they can’t even play a race card. Check out your personal banker, lawyer, doctor or local success story (no, you don’t personally know a successful thug, just t.v.) and see if you can find the crack of their butt, or a gold bugger on the outside of their nose. If so, they probably aren’t going to be your banker, doctor or any-thing important to your well being. However, it does explain why you can’t get a burger in this country the way you order it. Making fun of sorry is pointless. Defending it is sad.

  9. meep said

    Emma, you seem to not understand what the point of this article is. He’s not saying that black people look stupid, he’s saying that stereotypes are true. If black people don’t want white people to think of them as wearing grills and listening to rap, then maybe they should stop wearing grills and listening to rap.
    He’s not saying that emo people should stop dying their hair black, he’s saying that emos shouldn’t act like they don’t when people call them out on it.

    And Jason and Eddie: He’s using this as an example, he isn’t actually saying that all black people wear baggy jeans and noone else does.

    This is a very strong article, and I agree with it ninety percent.

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