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Women Really are Inferior to Men: Part 2

Posted by iwanttofitin on February 19, 2007

Part 1 of this topic discussed in great detail the difference in superiority of men to women. It dealt solely on physical and mental attributes in times of war and terms of athletic ability. In no way did I say that men had superior brains or intellect. The reason for this is because the amount evidence to prove this is so great, it would be pointless to write about it. Women’s brains are pea sized. Nah, I’m just kidding…for once. That’s a crock of bull. Intellectual capacity is what I’d call equal for men and women. You’ve got dummies and geniuses on both sides. Everytime I write something, people always assume something that isn’t there like this beautiful quote shows:

Yeah yeah, whatever. Men have power and women have brains. I think I’m happy with what we got.

I’m happy with what women have too. We both share the capacity to think the same, but our physical features differentiate us in a way that makes women sexy and men hairy and burly. Some more than others.

If women were built the same way as men, I don’t know if I could handle it. I mean, to tell a secret, I appreciate the female species. Everything about them as a whole is beautiful. I wouldn’t want them built physically superior the way men are. I also wouldn’t want them to be emotionally as distant as men could be. There are times you need the sweetness and comfort of a beautiful woman’s voice. Love it.

As the above quote shows though, when you can’t argue otherwise, you make yourself feel better by making up stories. She must not keep up with current events. Women don’t have power? Talk about stereotyping. No matter how much I can’t stand her, Hillary Clinton seems to have some kind of power. Wouldn’t you think? Even if she’s only in power because of her husband (a man), she’s still in power. Condoleeza Rice? She’s got some serious power. Same goes for Nacy Pelosi. Hillary Clinton is even running for President of the United States. That’s some huge ambition for a woman that’s not supposed to have power. These women have power and brains. As we can see, it makes no sense to say men have power and women have brains. They have both.

Of course, men have both too. If we can assume that since these women who have power also have brains, then one can infer that men who have power have brains too. Call President Bush an idiot all you want, but it took more than wealth to get where he is. He was elected a second time too. Call America stupid for electing him all you want. He can’t be more of a moron than the rest of America. It’s possible, but I seriously doubt that. Morons elected a moron? What does that mean? That means if we are all morons then we are all equally smart. You’re statement doesn’t hold water.

“Ms. Vito, please answer the question. Does the defense’s case hold water?”


One Response to “Women Really are Inferior to Men: Part 2”

  1. meep said

    I want Hilary to win just to shut up all those freaking feminists.

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