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Parking Etiquette: We All Could Use the Help

Posted by iwanttofitin on February 20, 2007

Getting a parking space at the mall is awful. Parking at a University is hell. It’s not hell because there are no spots, it’s hell because no one knows how to park! My goal has been to get you to think through things. I don’t necessarily agree with certain things I write. That’s left up to you to decide. Tonight, I’d like us to break down what should be a relatively simple task-pull into a parking space and go to class. This break down can be used for any parking situation, it’s just that the way people park on University campuses has to the worst in the known universe. You’d think that “higher” education they were receiving would get some more brain cells working. At least mine do.

I am going to describe a typical situation in where one tries to get a parking space. Remember, this is how 95% of college students try to get a space.

You’re driving along and decide you’re going to class today. That’s nice. You need the education. You pull into a parking lot as close to your first class as possible, ignoring the fact that it is already full and there are other lots with many spaces in them elsewhere. To make matters worse, you basically park your car in one of the aisles. Why would someone would do this, you ask? They do it with the hope that someone will leave one of the spots in front of them. So now you’ve clogged a portion of the parking lot where it makes it harder for cars to maneuver and slows everyone down. This would be bad enough if it was just you. But no, everyone else is trying the same thing at different points all over this parking lot and campus.

As you watch your clock and get ticked off that you’re going to be late to class you see someone walking with their keys in hand. They must be leaving close to you. Bummer! Two spaces behind you. No problem. You just throw your car in “reverse” and start backing up and make everyone stop or get out of the way. Again, you’ve clogged the lot even worse and made more people late to class. Remember to multiply this by whatever number you feel like because you’re not the only one doing this.

Ok. Finally, you’ve managed to get a spot and are only five minutes late to class along with everyone else. It was worth it though. You got that perfect spot. Yeah, you left 15 minutes earlier than you had to and were still late, but success takes effort.

Another scenario to this situation could be how I and some of my friends have approached the parking situation in the past.

Class is starting in 15 minutes. For this example I’ve decided that a 5 minute drive from an apartment is reasonable. That leaves me with a good 10 minutes to park and get to class should I leave immediately. Well, I don’t. I need to find my hat because I just woke up from a good nap. Ten minutes until class starts. I’m out of the house and go to a parking deck that isn’t so busy. I don’t have time to waste looking for a spot anyway. I drive in and find a spot near the top and it only took me 7 minutes from the time I left my apartment. That’s not even record time. So what if it takes me 3 minutes to walk to class? I don’t mind. It still took me less time to park and get to class then it takes the aisle jammer to get his space.

See how many problems we could avoid if everyone followed my example? There would be no traffic jams. Everyone would drive and grab the first spot they find and go to class. Time is precious. It shouldn’t be wasted waiting for “your” spot. My time shouldn’t be wasted for “your” spot either.


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