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Abortion, Please! “That’ll be $35”

Posted by iwanttofitin on February 21, 2007

Written by Someone Really Smart

A recent debate in the abortion issue has been over parental notification laws (Italy takes it to the extreme). These laws require minors to notify their parents before they are legally allowed to receive an abortion. There are parental notification laws on the books in most states, but there are several states that have either never passed or stricken these laws from the books. In addition, there is a strong push that more states get rid of these laws. It is also legal for minors in all states, either accompanied or unaccompanied by an adult, to travel across state lines to receive an abortion in a state that doesn’t require notification. In other words, there is a significant portion of the population that thinks a 14 or 15-year-old girl should be able to waltz into an abortion clinic, kill a baby and walk out without any questions asked.

For the purpose of this argument, I am going to ignore the larger issue of abortion and focus on how nonsensical it is that people think minors should NOT have to notify their parents before getting an abortion.

The main argument against parental notification is that it violates the right of privacy of the “mother” (and I use that term extremely loosely for obvious reasons). Yes, the Constitution does guarantee a certain right to privacy and it has become a standard answer to say a woman has a right to choose and all sorts of nonsense, but when this right of privacy argument is really examined it really doesn’t hold water.
First, there are numerous examples of society not granting the same rights to minors as adults. For example, it is illegal to purchase tobacco before you turn 18 and alcohol before you turn 21. However, with specific regards to parental notification issues, parents have the right to access things such as their children’s school and medical records. Also, most people have had to have their parents sign some sort of permission slip to attend a field trip or participate in some sort of hazardous activity (paintball, snowmobiling, jet skiing, etc…). Yet, we are supposed to believe that minors should have the right to get an abortion without having to tell their parents. Oh, for the record, getting an abortion is far more dangerous than going with your class to the local zoo. Does anybody else see the logic disconnect here? I mean, we think minors are mature enough to decide whether or not to kill a baby, but not whether or not they can play paintball.

Now, I know a lot of people are going to argue that parents have to sign this stuff to release the schools and stuff from liability if anything goes wrong on a field trip or other activity. So, if you were thinking that stop right there. The fact that parents have to release the school or other organization from liability still shows that the parents have control; the law doesn’t allow the minor to do it themselves. HOWEVER, if this still doesn’t satisfy you, chew on this:

America does not allow minors to consent to having sex. What happens if an 18 year old has sex with a 15 year old? The 18 year old gets charged with sexual assault, rape or whatever you want to call it. Why? Because America’s lawmakers and courts have determined that minors are not old enough to consent to having sex. That is the reason you see so many teachers going to jail for having sex with their students. Now, I don’t see anybody complaining that a 14 year old girl cannot choose to have sex with a 42 year old man, but I do see people complaining that she can’t get an abortion without telling her parents. So, I am supposed to believe a minor is not mature enough to decide on the action (sex), but is mature enough to make a decision on potential consequences (a pregnancy). This is absolute lunacy. People say they are trying to protect the girl and her right to privacy because she might be afraid of telling her parents. Yet, with the laws in place the same 42 year old man that got the 14 year old pregnant can drive her over the state line where it is legal to get a no notification abortion, and, as long as nobody finds out he is the one who did the deed, no one is the wiser. I am sure both the parents and the child should find this scenario attractive: a 42 year old can assault their daughter, drive her over the state line to get an abortion without anyone finding out. Good thinking everybody. Amazingly, there are16 states in America that do not require parental notification for abortion. God Bless America.


4 Responses to “Abortion, Please! “That’ll be $35””

  1. Jenn said

    I completely agree. What is wrong with people?

  2. Ro said

    Totally true. Couldn’t have said it any better.

  3. equine potamuse said

    I agree, absolutely. Our medical establishment, being a state-regulated monopoly, should remember where their bread is buttered and always be eager to act as state agents, collecting evidence to allow prosecution for status crimes involving sex, alcohol, drugs and residency. Sick criminals, terrified adolescents and illegals should fear doctors like they fear the police.

    Forget that “First, do no harm” business.

  4. moop said

    The reason states don’t want to make kids tell their parents when they abort is because of the possible abuse in some families. If she’s getting pregnant, chances are she’s not from a very great or loving family. The parents might abuse her for getting pregnant in the first place, or wanting an abortion. So the states figure they should kill the baby rather than force the girl to tell her parents, which could result in abuse or death.

    Think about it. There’s more to your argument than you stated / know.

    Would you rather have a dad rape his daughter and get away with it or have the daughter forced to tell her dad she’s pregnant, which could result in rape or murder.

    These arguments have no one right choice. As with your other opinion on drugs, either option can bring serious consequences. And it’s the job of the state to decide which risk is worth taking.

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