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Commit Suicide? Sure, I’ll Help You.

Posted by iwanttofitin on February 21, 2007

This morning I was reading a book and came across an interesting section talking about suicide and how America and the rest of the world seems to think that assisted suicide (aka murder) is an ok thing. Yeah, we have laws against it but the consensus about the Terri Schiavo hoopla was that we should murder her because she would do it herself if she had the ability. The reach around assisted suicide. That’s a very dangerous slippery slope to start wandering down. We already have started sliding down that slope and it has its implications.

I’ve already discussed the importance of the right to be able to abuse your own body in any way you see fit. I didn’t go into detail on all the ways we can do this, but I stuck with three things that most people see as inherent rights-alcohol consumption, abortion, and drug use. I’d like to take it a little further and try to see where this “It’s my body and I can do what I want to it” leads us and how we can’t be consistent with it.

Smoking: France has just recently banned all smoking in the country. That’s a major blow to individual rights. I’m going to go ahead and say that smoking can harm other people and not just yourself so banning it in public places could possibly be an ok thing to do (now we can agree that the harming other people problem is taken care of). Everywhere though? Why can’t I fry my lungs in my own home? I like the smell of well cooked meat. What about in my own car with the windows up? If I willingly do it to myself, what’s wrong with that? I’m obviously consenting to myself.

Murder: Rape is illegal and wrong because there isn’t consent from both or multiple parties involved in the act (Obviously it is wrong for other reasons. I’m just staying consistent here). Sex is ok as long as you consent to it and give it away freely (Try purchasing it and you get arrested). That’s the difference between legal sex and jail time, among other awful things happening to your life. If you kill someone without their consent we put you back into society after a few years because you exhibited good behavior and are now “good.” We do this because you committed murder. You took someone’s life without their consent. It wasn’t your body.

Now, take for example the incident in Germany a few years back. A man asked to be killed and eaten. He gave his permission. He gave his body. He gave his life. It was his choice. The man’s wishes were carried out and the man responsible for carrying out the wishes was tried for murder. What?! Why? There was consent. The man didn’t harm anyone. Granted, he did take a another’s life, but don’t we advocate that as long as there is consent, everything is fine and dandy? I guess my body is only my own in certain situations. What if the man had committed suicide and was eaten afterwards? Would that have made all the difference?

I could go on with more examples but I’d like to move onto some other topic. I get bored easily.


One Response to “Commit Suicide? Sure, I’ll Help You.”

  1. moop said

    Because the man asking to be eaten was clearly in need of psychological help.

    That’s like saying I can go kill myself after getting drunk, and noone should be allowed to stop me.

    Also, if suicide is illegal (and it is, very much so, in America at least), why would assisted suicide be legal? Isn’t that just like assisted murder, since they’re both seen the same in the eyes of the law?

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