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Crying is for Girls. Like iPod Mini.

Posted by iwanttofitin on February 21, 2007

Did you know that when you cry, testosterone is one of the many elements that make up a tear-drop? I bet you didn’t. I’ve known this for many years and I’ll tell you why this matters in a few minutes.

The amount of testosterone that an average male produces is about 30 times that of a female. That’s extremely significant because it helps make us the men we are. The less testosterone that is found in the male body, the less of a man he is. Testosterone is responsible for enhanced libido, energy, immune function, and protection against osteoporosis. I’m sure you now understand where I am going with this.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThese stated health benefits only help when they are in equilibrium with what your body needs. Women need almost none so they are safe. Men need a constant supply and in great quantities. Crying reduces these quantities significantly. Every ounce of tear you expel, you lose half of your current testosterone levels. Are you a weakling who needs constant emotional attention? You’re a crier and need to quit. Crying is for girls.

Look at how emotional and distressed women get when they cry. Their low testosterone levels cause them emotional distress and this in turn causes them to begin crying. Once the crying starts, they become even more emotional and worn out. They lose energy. Once the energy is lost they get depressed which keeps them crying. The distress causes your body’s immune system to get weak and you get sick. Your body can’t fight off disease and illness because your testosterone levels are extremely low from all that crying.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketMen; quit crying. I don’t do it. I refuse. I want to keep my testosterone filled rage. Keep those tears in. You’ll be better off for it. You’ll feel better about yourself because no one will laugh at you and call you a sissy. This will keep your spirits high. Your high energy will keep you from crying and your testosterone levels will stay safe. You will be able to balance out the woman of your life the way you were intended-with normal amounts of testosterone. Women need us to be their rock. Not a pile of gunk.

This has been a public service announcement. I strive to make everyone a better person no matter how tough it is for me.


4 Responses to “Crying is for Girls. Like iPod Mini.”

  1. sv said

    This post made me cry. Oh, and I have an ipod mini.

  2. J.S. Melton said

    what about ipod nanos….

    it doesnt really concern me, i have the 30gb beast…with video player


    but….what about my girly friends with their sliver thin nanos?

  3. Ipodsareforemofags said

    Anyone who owns an ipod is a sissy, and gay.

  4. lisa said

    this site is made by 16 year olds?

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