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The Worst Kind of Dreams

Posted by iwanttofitin on February 22, 2007

For the past few years I have had to endure the problem of grinding my teeth at night. Research has come to the conclusion that this is something the body supposedly does to relieve stress. I can agree with the researchers on this because some mornings, especially the morning of a tough exam, the whole side of my face and sometimes neck will be throbbing in pain.

I’ve started wearing a bite guard which has helped out immensely. Instead of furthering the grooves in my teeth, my jaw gives the punishment to my soft mouth guard. There are chunks missing from this thick piece of material.

While I am pleased to know that my extreme pain won’t return if I continue wearing this uncomfortable hunk of rubber, one thing I am sure of is this; I won’t miss my dreams. Maybe I should say nightmares. They weren’t nightmares in the normal sense. There was no fear of dying or getting injured in the typical way you would imagine a nightmare to be.

My dreams while some serious grinding was taking place occurred something like this:

If you have ever seen scene in Fight Club where Edward Norton rips his tooth out, that will help give you some sort of visual.

Almost every time I dreamt this I was in a bathroom or my bedroom. If I was in the bedroom I would make my to the bathroom. I don’t know why, but a mirror was essential.

Every time I would be biting down on my teeth with all the energy I had. Not very comfortable sounding, I know. What made it worse was that my teeth were always in a position where the pressure was pushing inwards or outwards. Never up and down like how you would bite down. You might be able to feel my dream at this moment. I sure do. The next thing that would happen was that my jaw would slowly move towards an over-bite or under-bite. The direction depended on the dream and I’m sure how I was grinding my teeth.

The outcome of my over/under-biting was a superbly painful loss of teeth, yet I would continue to punish myself in this way. My teeth wouldn’t just pop out like I was in kindergarten losing loose teeth. Oh no, they would rip from the roots and tear apart my gums. Another movie that comes to mind is The Fly. If you have seen that movie and can recall the part where Jeff Goldblum pops his fingernails off, that’s very similar.

Usually after about six to eight teeth were missing, I’d wake up and go to work, not really thinking twice about my dream. I don’t have many regular dreams. Maybe this is the reason.

It disgusts me to even be writing about it. I don’t know what led me to punish you with this knowledge, but it was on my mind and I decided to write about it. Remember, this is my blog.


4 Responses to “The Worst Kind of Dreams”

  1. Jenn said

    It’s strange that you dream about your teeth falling out. That’s a predominantly female dream. It has something to do with hormones. (I’m not fibbing either) 🙂

  2. I’ve heard that too. But typically it has to do with menopause (I don’t think I qualify for that) or that you perceive yourself as unattractive.

    My teeth don’t really fall out either. It’s more me doing it to myself. I know they are going to rip out but I want to do it anyway. It makes a lot of sense with me grinding my teeth at night. Usually when I dream those dreams, my jaw hurts like crazy that morning.

  3. Lizzy D. said

    Jimmy says that losing your teeth in dreams means something about being unable to express yourself. Since he is kind of a dream guru, I have never bothered to substantiate that claim.

  4. David said

    I sometimes have dreams about my teeth falling out. It’s never painfull. I’ll usually be putting pressure on some teeth with my other teeth and they’ll start falling out.

    I’ve heard that dreams about your teeth falling out have to do with you being stressed or not in control of a situation.

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