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Don’t You Dare Legislate Morality On Me!

Posted by iwanttofitin on February 23, 2007

Legislating morality is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard! I don’t want someone’s belief legislated on me. Why is your morality better than mine? Sure I want criminals to be prosecuted for crimes, but I don’t want laws based on some religious doctrine. We have natural laws to follow and we do just fine with that. We have laws against murder, rape, incest, theft, cannibalism, terrorism, etc. Why?

There is an order that has to be kept and that is natural law. I mean, we are just animals, right? Animals rape and kill each other all the time. Why do we get so upset when some lowly human animal does it? Society sees it as an evil yet they teach that we come from animals. Tell me why rape is wrong again?

I remember in first grade how we all watched the class hamster eat some of her young. We didn’t punish her for doing that because it was natural. It was part of life for animals to eat their weak young so that the strong will survive. Why do we cringe at it when we see it acted upon by humans? Why is it so disgusting for Tom Cruise to eat his child’s placenta? I’ve watched dogs do that for their young? Cannibalism is part of nature. It should be ok.

Many claim that homosexuality is normal because animals do it too. That’s selective reasoning. If someone claimed that about rape and murder, you’d hear an uproar and it wouldn’t be talked about again.

Remember the Nuremberg trials over the Holocaust? What standard was used to argue that the Nazis were wrong? They couldn’t use a standard based on evolution because evolution is what the Nazis used to reason that race “purifying” was a good thing. Survival of the fittest. The U.S. had to make up “Natural Law” to prosecute. The U.S. never explained where this “Natural Law” came from because there was no need. The Nazis were going to be found guilty no matter what.

Where is this natural law coming from? How come human animals are held to a higher standard than other animals? Who’s to say your morality is better than mine? What “natural” standard are we appealing too. If we are truly evolved creatures, we must start either punishing animals for their immorality or stop punishing humans for their “natural” behavior, because hey it’s good if the animals do it.


6 Responses to “Don’t You Dare Legislate Morality On Me!”

  1. David said

    All laws are based on someone’s view of what is moral.

  2. I know that.

  3. lizzyd said

    I don’t think placenta-eating is a moral issue…

  4. lizzyd said

    p.s. I knew your post was tongue-in-cheek, why didn’t David?

  5. I don’t think placenta-eating is a moral issue…

    But why do we find it disgusting and “unnatural” when a human does it but “natural” when animals do it?

  6. lizzyd said

    Because they are ignorant. People have lots of misconceptions about everything related to childbirth.

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