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Roommate Wanted: Part 2

Posted by iwanttofitin on February 23, 2007

The roommate experience is something that I enjoy talking about because I happen to have a good one. I do enjoy the ability to be able to pick who I want to pay the rent, whereas someone stuck in a dorm does not.

Moving right along we come to the extreme recluse. Not one to make friends or show her face, this extreme recluse hated light. She never came out of her room. I think she just went to the bathroom in her room. If she had a sink, that is completely plausible. Most would think a roommate that you don’t ever see would not really be that bad of a situation. It’s one thing for that person to not be around, but another when they are never seen and still in the dorm. That just makes you uncomfortable. Are they spying on you through the door crack? Who else is in there with her? So awkward.

The real problem with this roommate was that she had a boyfriend who didn’t live close. He would pop in without warning for a visit. This is a girl’s dorm. He’d stay for a week at a time holing himself up in his woman’s room. A little shacking up visit, if you will. For all I know, it was some crazy monkey sex and that probably wasn’t be far from the truth.

Our last roommate freak is of the OCD type. After the extreme recluse moved out, the new girl decided to make herself comfortable by rearranging everything in sight to suit her wants. You need to remember that she hadn’t met her roommates yet and they have been living there a year before her. That’s a sign of a lunatic. You gotta stop that from the beginning. Put her in her place. Cut the problem off from the source. That means you need to throw her out.

The rearranging can be gotten past. But when you’re watching TV with your roommate who you’ve known for a few years and the new girl walks in and randomly says, “I want to get my female only body part thingy pierced (obviously I edited that). Will you come with me if I do it”? She then walks out of the room. It’s time to vote her out. Not to mention that she invited her roommates to Mardi Gras and then took it back a few days later. She took her “best friend” instead. This friend was then dumped on the side of the road because the two of them had a falling out and she had to find her own way home-to a different state.

Be thankful if you have a wonderful roommate who doesn’t get on your nerves. To get rid of one that does, just make life miserable for them. Be loud all the time and never do the dishes or clean up after yourself.


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