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Why God HAS to Exist

Posted by iwanttofitin on February 23, 2007

After proving evolution false by showing the simple but profound example of how dogs are much better at pooing than humans in my well received article Why Dogs Poo Better Than Humans, another example has come to me by way of revelation. Actually, it was more of the observing type than a true revelation.

Why are there ugly people, why can they be attractive to others, and how can they be successful? Answer me that according to evolution and I may give it a second thought.

Evolution should be weeding out the uglies and fuglies, yet we see them every day. They shouldn’t be getting married. They shouldn’t be getting jobs. They shouldn’t be successful. Look at the animal kingdom. The weaker and ugly animals are weeded out of the gene pool. What do female animals look for? They look for the largest and brightest plume on a peacock or the largest mane on a lion. They don’t want ugly mates. The strongest males in a heard typically rape as many females as they can. This ensures that he has the best chance of his offspring being born. Ugly and weak animals don’t get this same pleasure. They get run off by the strongest. The gene pool is constantly being perfected.

Humans are completely different. No matter who you are or where you’re from, there will most likely be someone who finds you attractive. You can be successful too. Why do we tolerate this? Why don’t we shun these fuglies to the back of society? If we are consistent with evolution, we shouldn’t give them the chance to survive.

This is why God has to exist. How many times have you looked at someone and gone, “How could he/she be married? Ugh.” I’ve done it. I won’t lie. By all conventional standards, a lot of people should be considered ugly by all who exist. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” we are told. I would say from my observations every day that this is a truth. This isn’t true with the animal kingdom though. Beauty is beauty. There are standards that have to be met and when they aren’t, “Sorry for you.”

It’s miracle to see certain people found attractive by others. That’s why God has to be the one who makes these fuglies attractive to others. If it wasn’t for Him then evolution would have weeded them out long ago. We wouldn’t hear about the bad part of the gene pool. We are the most advanced, right? So we’d have very few, if any ugly people. God allows all types of people into His world and gives them a chance by making other people able to find them attractive and be able to see past their physical appearance. This is also what allows them to be successful. We don’t always focus on the physical.

Or they could just marry for the sex.


13 Responses to “Why God HAS to Exist”

  1. sv said

    Or maybe the worst and ugliest part of the gene pool has already been weeded out but we don’t realize it because its already gone and what we consider fugly now is really only middle-ground ugly on the true scale.

  2. DaveK said


  3. Chris said

    Or maybe it’s idiotic.

    Gene pools are not being perfected, they are simply changing. Genes that render organisms better or worse equipped to reproduce tend to increase or decrease, respectively.

    “Bad” genes may survive because there is no selective pressure weeding them out. Or perhaps they have a side effect which ensures they stay in the gene pool. For instance, sickle-cell is caused by an allelle for hemoglobin that renders the organism immune to malaria. There are pressures against organisms that lack it or have two copies of it, but one of each keeps the organism safe from both diseases.

    Organisms that are ugly are no less driven to reproduce than those that are not, or at least not necessarily — sex drive would be controlled by genes as well, though not the same genes that determine appearances.

    Also, there are other ways than looks that people attract mates. Money and fame, for instance.

    There would also be a selective advantage to a gene that makes organisms attempt to mate with those of similar attractiveness. If everybody only mates with the prettiest, then a lot of the population dies off quickly. But if an individual comes along that isn’t so picky and will mate with the prettiest person that will have him, his genes will tend to spread in the gene pool.

    Finally, it would be disadvantageous to try to mate only with the prettiest people, in the manner of lions. Suppose a female mates with the prettiest male. Chances are, he’s got them lined up, and he can mate and leave, and his genes do all the better for it. But now the female must raise the child on her own, consuming more of her resources to help her offspring to maturity. On the other hand, a female that mates with a male that has limited opportunities (i.e. a less attractive one that is not already involved with another female) and have the male share the burden of rearing the offspring thus has more resources available to have more offspring and propagate her genes further.

    Your simplistic view of evolution seems to be your problem. Try learning a little about it before you try to poke holes in it. Also, even if evolution is wrong (which it probably is; no theory is completely right), that would in no way indicate that a supernatural being exists.

  4. Gerald said

    This line “How many times have you looked at someone and gone, “How could he/she be married? Ugh.”
    shows what an idiot you are. Gone? Which way did you go? How far did you get when you were gone?

    Your concept of how nature works is flawed too. While the top males are fighting it out, the ordinary ones are getting their turn with the females. Even for animals, for most species if they get to reproductive age, they reproduce.

  5. Catie said

    Gerald and Chris,

    Those comments sound like something I’d hear from an ugly person.

  6. John said

    Natural selection doesn’t weed out the ugly, and it apparently doesn’t eliminate the stupid either, considering the number of people who seem to be taking this obvious parody seriously. 😀

  7. Vinnie Venomous said

    nah, there’s an explanation for all this:

    well, while the able, good-looking and intelligent people risk (and often lose) their lives exploring the earth, winning wars, doing research for nobel prizes or defending the wwe world heavyweight championship, the scum remains and multiplies like vermin.

    there is a decent chance that every living person one encounters is the bastard offspring of genetic waste. and it’s getting worse…

    good night, everyone!

  8. This line “How many times have you looked at someone and gone, “How could he/she be married? Ugh.”
    shows what an idiot you are. Gone? Which way did you go? How far did you get when you were gone?

    Your concept of how nature works is flawed too. While the top males are fighting it out, the ordinary ones are getting their turn with the females.

    Spoken like a true fatty.

  9. cat said

    So, is this blog a parody then? Cos it sucks. You need more and better jokes, and less dull padding about cross-training and accountancy.

    (Please don’t let it be real. I despair enough for the state of the world as it is.)

  10. Gary said

    I think it’s only a parody AFTER a bunch of people point out how stupid the topic was. Then that topic magically becomes a joke. Until then it’s serious. But I could be wrong.

  11. I’m pretty sure it’s considered a parody when the original purpose was not meant to be taken seriously. It is only after it was taken seriously by so many does it become: just plain awesome.

  12. hi said

    awesome… stupid… same thing.

    Or is it?

  13. moop said

    I’m sorry, I’ve read a lot of your articles, and besides the women inferiority ones (which were pretty much fact), you really don’t seem to know what you’re talking about.

    If the ugly guys still get layed, they clearly aren’t ugly enough to get weeded out. Old eyegor with one eye and one leg sure as hell isn’t getting any.

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