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The Object of My Desire

Posted by iwanttofitin on February 24, 2007

I’m sure most of you are prepared to read something about love. You’d be correct, but not in the way you would imagine. I’m talking about Guitar Hero. This is my confession. I have an addiction and I am proud to be addicted to Guitar Hero. I don’t want help nor do I need it.

Most would agree that love takes some sort of effort. You can be “in love” but to actually love something or someone takes work. You wouldn’t just love your wife. You would act in a way that showed this. My love for Guitar Hero is the purest form of love. I show that game how much I love it as much as I can. If I can spare 10 minutes; it gets 15 minutes. I just know if I play Hangar 18 one more time one Expert, I can finally get it. Hey, it worked for Psycho Billy Freakout

Devotion is a word used when one talks about love. My devotion to Guitar Hero is rock solid. I am not satisfied to be the best at those pitiful Easy and Medium settings. No way, friends. My devotion forces me to perfect the insane Hard and Expert levels. I will be showing the ultimate amount of love when I have reached the end of my pursuit.

Yes, I am addicted. My addiction is better than any kind of drug. The initial purchase of that beautiful game and guitar controller has already been expensed and I will never have to lay out more cash to fuel my craving. It is known that I have also acquired a wireless controller but that was more of a necessity. My left-handedness does not allow for perfection with a controller cord jamming into my wrist. Also, my goal is to allow everyone the same chance at the perfect kind of love you could imagine.

Until next time; Rock on. Join me in a salute to the makers of Guitar Hero 1 & 2 as we raise our plastic guitar necks and activate STAR POWER. I mean, come on, hitting the Select button is for losers who don’t know how to rock.

Go and buy the freaking game! Now excuse me while I rock out to Guitar Hero.


2 Responses to “The Object of My Desire”

  1. moop said

    Heard about their next game? It’s called Rock Band. Two guitars (one as bass), a drum set, and a microphone.

    PS3 and Xbox 360. Probably will cost a good hundred bucks.

  2. Yeah, I heard about it. Honestly, I’m really not that excited about it. I only care about the guitar. That is the most involved instrument anyway. Gamestop.com has some preliminary prices that have to be based off of something and if they are accurate it will cost a little more than $100.00. The game (that is if they don’t have some sort of pack), two guitars, drum kit, and microphone will cost you a cool $340.00. That’s more than an Xbox 360.

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