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Blacks Should be Thankful for Slavery

Posted by iwanttofitin on February 26, 2007

Before I get branded as a racist and a person filled with hate, I preface this entire article by stating that I in no way believe that slavery is a good thing. I do NOT wish it upon anyone. It is and was a cruel and torturous thing.

This article does not refer to true Africans. If you were born in the U.S. you are an American-not African American. I don’t ask to be called European American. I’m a proud American and so should you be.

Good. Glad that is out of the way.

Today (2/25/2007) it has been made known that Al Sharpton, America’s regular black racist, has ties to former segregationist Sen. Strom Thurmond (article can be found here) and Sharpton wants a DNA test to make sure he isn’t related by blood. This connection is possible because of the type of relationships that slave owners had with their slaves. Al Sharpton is upset and states,

“I can’t find out anything more shocking than I’ve already learned…. It was probably the most shocking thing in my life.”

First of all, why does it matter? Is Sharpton going to be a different person because of this? There are only two outcomes to the DNA test. The first is that it will match the Thurmond blood line. The second outcome is that it won’t and he is the decedent of only slaves. No white blood. Sharpton’s body, mind, and hair won’t all of a sudden change because of the outcome. He will still be a free American.

Secondly, Sharpton should be happy with either outcome. If it wasn’t for the Thurmond who impregnated a slave or for America’s lust for slavery to begin with, he wouldn’t be here. Had his mother conceived in any other place in time, his life would not be. Sharpton wouldn’t be able to spout out his rhetoric today. He wouldn’t be able to be “shocked.” He is part of this world because of slavery. There is no other way he could be.

Blacks today like to complain about racial inequalities, racial slurs, hate crimes, etc. Ignoring the fact that those things are also attributed to the constant reminder of the race differences from blacks own mouths, shouldn’t blacks born in the U.S. be ecstatic that their ancestors endured and overcame their hardships? Shouldn’t they be grateful their ancestors got the chance to have children who would grow up and produce more offspring who are now alive and well in America, arguably the greatest country the world has ever seen?

Blacks don’t deserve reparations for their ancestors’ slavery. Nor do we (meaning you and I) need to give them extra help. The harm was done to slaves. Not blacks today or yesterday. You now have a better life because of salvery. It took a while, but reparations have been and are being paid. The chance to live in America should be good enough. Would you rather the U.S. ship you back to Africa? Cannibalism and AIDS is a nice alternative. So is having no say in society if you are woman. Life expectancy is good too at less than 50 years. Farming is a good way of life while living in a straw hut. Yeah, there are good parts of Africa, but that is mainly for the tourists and the likelihood that you came from one of those areas is highly unlikely. Anyway, they are still much worse off than you are.

It’s fine to proud of your heritage. Hey, I’m proud of mine, but I’m thankful to be living here than in my European country of origin. It’s a step down from where I am now. Why would I complain about living here? I don’t, so please stop complaining.


One Response to “Blacks Should be Thankful for Slavery”

  1. I find that your argument is well stated. The part that I must disagree with you on is that of reparations. True, I do not think whites should hand black’s a check for the condition of slavery; however, it has had a long impact on black culture. After slavery we saw the rise of Jim Crowism which institutionalized blacks in terms of education, pyscological norms, as well as a cycle of poverty. Liberal governments have helped by pushing anti-discrimination laws as well as a system of affirmative action. This, more than anything, has allowed blacks to gain middle class status. Note: allowed but not provide a free ticket. Obama’s book The Audacity of Hope does a nice job addressing the complex nature of racial heritage.

    Remember, time seems far from this end, but the impact continues. Black folks must move on; but, they cannot close their eyes to the social condition that has impacted their plight.

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