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Observations on College Beauty: Seniors

Posted by iwanttofitin on March 5, 2007

Sadly, this mini series has come to an end. It’s been one of my favorite to write. In this last part of the “Observations on College Beauty” I will be focusing on college seniors. What a diverse group this is. They are even more varied than juniors.

Instead of being able to lump males or females in one general type of beauty, there are so many different types, that I’ll stick with a stereotype for each sex.

The women are constantly in a state of panic. “OMG! I am sooo going to fail this test. I woke up at 2 to study for 38 more hours and I am going to get an F on this thing!” It never fails. They always are the ones to ruin a possible curve. The class average could be a 43% but that one girl got a 99%. Thanks. Oh, and it’s almost always a girl. If it’s a guy, it’ll be the one who never comes to class except on exam days. It’s a rule. Don’t ask me why God made it that way.

Those panicky women have made it a point to dress up for class. I’ve always assumed this is to get them ready for a job where they’ll have to dress up every day. Whatever. Let me relax while I’m still able. Anyway, their hair is done really nice-layered, shiny, and lightly curled. They’ve also forgotten how foolish they were as freshmen and have started to wear that party mask again. These girls are usually with some ugly dude who has prospects for a good job. Or they’re married. If you come across one that is single, there is more wrong with her than you could ever imagine. A senior do-gooder who gets straight A’s and doesn’t have a husband lined up? You’re asking for trouble with her.

Most senior guys have decided that class is so far from mandatory you’ll wonder whether or not they dropped the class. On the rare occasion you see these types in class you will see them wearing only pajamas or work clothes. Oh, and if one of these guys comes to class on a non-exam day class, he will always fall asleep. The old saying, “You can’t judge a book by its cover” is very much applicable to these men. You sometimes wonder how girl can put up with these “losers” but there is much more going on inside than you know. Give them a chance. How dumb could they be? They are about to graduate without having to attend class where you have to be on campus 24 hours a day.

Not much was learned from our in-depth analysis of the four levels of college beauty. Most already know everything written about in here. That’s fine. It was still fun.


One Response to “Observations on College Beauty: Seniors”

  1. lizzyd said

    It doesn’t have to be over. As you well know, you still have 5th year seniors, 6th year seniors, etc.

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