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Woman Has Sex With God

Posted by iwanttofitin on March 8, 2007

Last night comic Sarah Silverman had sex with “God” on her Comedy Central show. I personally could care less about Sarah Silverman. You know what? I was going to write something about how awful this is and so on. Well, I’m not really surprised by it. Why is it distasteful? Christians should naturally be upset, but if you don’t believe in God, why should you care? You’ll probably find it humorous that Silverman has made God into a joke. Read about the story here.


2 Responses to “Woman Has Sex With God”

  1. Don’t you just love to hear so-called Jewish intelligentsia “critics” commenting on their fellow tribe members? Everything Jewish figures do, no matter how base, stupid, sick, degenerate, or just plain boring is always depicted and described in the most gushing terms, like “she’s not just a critic of PC culture: She’s a connoisseur” or “She handles the complex algorithms of taboo – who’s allowed to joke about what, to whom, using what terminology – with instant precision..”

    It is “pat their fellow tribesmen on the back”, all the time, no matter what they are doing. They see another jew and they mentally Vogue. It’s always brilliant, always cutting edge, always breaking down barriers.

  2. alotofgoodways said

    I’m not religious, but yes, this pushes the boundaries of taste, to put it lightly. But of course not surprising – God is the laughing stock of the Western World. Joke about doing something “naughty” with God, and you have a hit on your hands.

    Aside from this, Sarah Silverman isn’t funny at all. This is the woman who once joked “I was raped by a doctor. Which is bittersweet for a Jewish girl”.

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