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Get All Hott and Sexy for the Beach: Women

Posted by iwanttofitin on March 10, 2007

Yesterday I discussed a simple workout plan that guys can use to put on a good amount of muscle without spending hours at the gym. Today, I want to outline a simple plan for women that, if consistently used, will give them a fit and in shape looking body without the bulk of manly muscle.

Women lack the testosterone and muscle building foundation that men have. Men will always naturally be able to put on pounds of muscle. As for women, their bodies are not made for massive muscular development. Those women you see with pecks instead of breasts and necks as large as your waste are on hormones or some type of steroid. That isn’t natural.

I’m going to outline a few exercises below that don’t take very long to complete and are much more effective at helping you lose weight, strengthen core areas, and give you a womanly figure. You will be doing all this without having to worry about losing those specific parts that make you uniquely a woman.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketSquats: Click here for proper form. Again, this should be the foundation to any workout. It will definitely not be as intense as the 20 rep program I outlined for men. The goal here is not to put on 30 pounds of muscle. All you need is a warm up set and then 3 sets of 8 using the same weight each time for your 3 sets of 8. This will only be beneficial to you if you use free weights. A Smith Machine or Leg Press machine will not benefit you. Squats get you using stabilizer muscles so you won’t have to spend time on all those different leg machines. Squats take care of the basics and then more.

You should be exercising 3 times a week and each new day you do your squats, you just add 5 pounds to the weight. This will gradually get your body stronger. It should feel like you’re squatting the same weight each time but in reality you are gradually making it heavier. Yes, you will put on some muscle mass, but it will be good. Your rear-end will become round and your thighs and calves will have that definition you’ve always wanted. Once you’re satisfied with how you look, just stick with that same weight and keep on working with it.

Pulldowns: For instructions on how to perform click here. A better exercise for the back would be pull ups but since most guys can’t do them, I’m substituting pulldowns instead. Same basic premise as the squat. A warm up set and 3 sets of 8. Each new workout day, just add 5 pounds. This won’t put on bulk but it will strengthen your back and keep your spine and posture healthy as well as give you a good looking back. Isn’t that what you really care about anyway?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketBench Press: Most women like to avoid this thinking it will make their breasts shrink. It can do that if you do a lot of reps or heavy weight. Your goal with the bench press is to make sure your chest muscle counter your back muscles. You’ll get bad posture and become uncomfortable if you work on your back but not the front. Same principle with the bench press as the rest. A warm up set and then 3 sets of 8. Add 5 pounds each new workout day.

With all these exercises, quit adding weight when you reach a point where you are happy with how you look. DO NOT QUIT WORKING OUT. You WILL lose what you have worked for. Do not add increased calorie intake (this means don’t eat more. If you are over weight you might want to think about lowering your food intake). Your goal is to take what you have and make it better -not bulky.


2 Responses to “Get All Hott and Sexy for the Beach: Women”

  1. Blair said

    You make it sound so easy…..got any tips for breaking through a plateau?

  2. You should switch up your routine every 6 or 8 weeks. Once your body gets comfortable doing something, it is no longer getting “shocked” to get stronger. Say you are doing the above routine for 8 weeks and hit a plateau. After each set of squats, add 5 or 10 pounds each time, but do fewer reps. Instead of doing pull-downs, try pull-ups or chin-ups. Try doing the same thing for the bench press as you would for the squat. Since the chest muscles are smaller, you should add weight accordingly.

    Your body likes variety.

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