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I Love it When My House Floods

Posted by iwanttofitin on March 12, 2007

My house didn’t really flood, but since I am a new home owner, I consider it as much. Water in any form in my house really ticks me off. It’s not so much the destruction part as it is dealing with the cleanup and people coming out, etc.

Here is the story as portrayed as excitingly as possible. I will have pictures soon:

So my roommate came home from Panama City beach this Saturday afternoon a little bit after my girlfriend came over and he decided to take a shower before he and his woman went out. That knowledge is mildly important important in a little bit.

I’ve gotten my lady friend to start working out and we were in the basement doing some exercises. I’m sitting on the floor making sure she is doing squats properly so she doesn’t hurt herself. I was using my hands to stop her knees from going too far forward (in case you were wondering how me being on the floor was helpful). All of a sudden I look up and see my dog sort of jumping and attacking something in the air. It was water. She was attacking it like she would attack a sprinkler. Yeah, the water was coming through the ceiling and also out of one of the light sockets. Great.

The first thing that comes to mind is the washing machine that I had running, so I immediately jump up and run to the second floor leaving my poor girlfriend, with no one to count her reps, behind with no explanation. I check the washer. No overflow or anything. I then bang on my roomates door and yell at him to turn the shower off. Oh no, neither the washer or shower was the source of the waterfall coming from my basement ceiling.

I hear miss squat queen yelling for me to come downstairs. The half-bath toilet on the first floor was overflowing. I was dumbfounded. No one had used that bathroom for days but water was pouring out of the bowl. My first instinct is to the water off and but still keeps coming out. I check the reservoir in case it was stuck and running. Nope, but on a mission to stop the water at all costs and without thinking, I pull the plug to make sure it is working properly. All this does is force more water into bowl and more water flows out. By this time, I’m ready to go to some water park. Then, all of a sudden, the bowl drains. No explanation. Thanks magic drainage man.

I placed towels down to soak up the water and my female and I mopped up the basement the best we could. She actually enjoyed. Don’t ask. I did and I’m still not quite sure why. There’s sheet rock on the basement ceiling so I got to tear it down and get all construction worker looking. It’s a good look. I suggest you try it. If you leave wet sheet rock up like that you’re just asking for a mold infestation. The plumber will have to tear it down anyway to get to my pipes. Why can’t I have some fun after getting my house flooded?

Needless to say, A plumber is coming out today (thank you home warrantee). There is probably a small clog somewhere and with the washer and shower going at once, it was just too much to handle and the toilet happened to be the lowest place for the water to come out. So yeah, my weekend was awesome. I didn’t get to go bowling though like I had planned.

As a bonus though, I get to leave work early and wait all day for the plumber to hopefully arrive.


2 Responses to “I Love it When My House Floods”

  1. Jenn said

    It’s awesome that Catie is working out. šŸ˜‰ (I couldn’t put devil horns on that smiley)

  2. Catie said

    After all that, Jenn’s glad that I’m working out. That’s my absolute favorite. That made me laugh so hard!

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