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Who Wants to Do Acid with Me?

Posted by iwanttofitin on March 13, 2007

I stole this from a friend’s blog. Lame, I know. He got enough attention out of it and it’s not even his video. I’m not looking for attention. Just watch it for how glorious it is. Give props to the guy who created it. It makes me want to eat some acid at least once if the effects are anything close to this. It’s a trippy video. Basically, this is what it’s supposed to be like looking in a mirror on acid.


One Response to “Who Wants to Do Acid with Me?”

  1. alotofgoodways said

    I saw this already on your buddy’s blog, and if it’s anywhere near realistic, it makes me *not* want to take a trip…It looks scary as hell!

    The opinion as to whether or not it’s realistic seems to be split though…although I was under the impression that acid does different things to different people.

    I’ve never – and probably never will – experimented with hard drugs, but if I was to do so, I’d steer clear of those that have risks of “flashbacks”. I’d want it to be an isolated experience, rather than one that would recurr in various ways, especially if it turned out to be an unenjoyable high.

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