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Update On My Flooded House

Posted by iwanttofitin on March 14, 2007

I decided to give an update on the status of my flooded bathroom and basement.

My home warrantee people sent out a plumber on Monday. I was thinking it would great if the plumber was able to fix the problem and I’d only have to pay the initial $55 fee. Too bad the problem is not part of the actual structure, aka my home. This means any repairs that have to be done will be paid for by me. I found out that it will cost me between $1800 and $3500. This all depends on if the pipe needs only a repair or a total replacement. With the way things have been going, it’ll be a total replacement. They won’t know until they did everything up. There has to be another way.

The internet is a great place to find quick fixes. How do you find ways to get roots out of your pipes? Look it up. I found an amazing product called RootX. You pour it in your main pipe (there’s a catch that connects to the main pipe) and run the water. RootX reacts with the water to create a foam that kills the roots and keeps them out for a year. My cost? $33.50 for a 2lb box. I’ll be using that every 6 months so you know. I don’t want brown floaters popping up in my toilet.

If this works it would take me 100 years to shell out what it would cost to replace the darn thing. Most likely I won’t be in this house longer than 5 years.

I’ll have to dig up the root cause (lame pun definitely intended) myself which I’m actually looking forward to. The reason for this is because it’s warm outside now and I can do it shirtless. I’m not a big fan of clothing. I poo naked.


3 Responses to “Update On My Flooded House”

  1. Don’t bother with that root killing stuff. It doesn’t work. Even if it kills the roots, they are still in there clogging your pipes.

    Good luck with digging them up. If it’s anything like my house, your drain pipe is 20 feet underground.

    Did the plumber do anything? When we had our water problem we called Mr. Rooter. For $350 they got all the roots out.

  2. Everything I’ve read about RootX is that it works. Oh, and the plumber ran a snake down the drain and got some of the roots out.

  3. Lizzy D. said

    Do you know where the roots are? (How far out did the snake go until it hit roots?) You could try this cheapskate route first: call the county and ask them to clean out their line. At some point your line becomes the county’s line, and hopefully the roots are on their side. Our root issue is where our line meets the county’s line. I guess it isn’t sealed all the way, and roots love the water.

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