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Google Will Be Obsolete

Posted by iwanttofitin on March 16, 2007

Many people think that Google will take over the world of Search and internet advertising. Many are happy that this could be the case. Some believe Google already has. Its piece of the pie is large, but far from having a secure hold. Internet users are a fickle bunch. I personally don’t really care. You see, my need for all things Google has diminished over the past year or two. There was a time when I would use Google or its various products on a daily basis. Google’s dominance or fall doesn’t make any difference in my life.

The use of Google’s textual ads is becoming an annoyance. I would rather actually search for something I need than click on a randomly trashy looking ad. To be honest, those text ads look like something a spamming website would use. Internet users will and are reacting suspiciously to them. Look, I really like GMail and use it daily, but those text ads in my email are irritating. I don’t read emails from my friend who is Hungary to end up checking out a website where I can get married in Hungary for free.

Pop-up ads were a craze for a while and look what happened to them. Pop-up blockers are installed on almost every computer. Banner ads have even gotten to that point for some people. Certain websites charge a subscription fee and part of the service is that you can turn off ads. That would be a nice feature if you could disable ads on a website without paying for it.

Websites are realizing that to stay relevant, they need to become information hubs. They have to keep your attention or you won’t stay on their site. Think of blogging. I know that if I don’t create content on a daily basis, readers will no longer frequent my blog. If other companies become content kings and include search on their own, why type in “Google” to do your searching? Google was king for a while, but other search engines have become just as good. I typically don’t see a difference in what gets pulled up if I use Yahoo!. I’ve been pleased with other search engines too. A lot of times the obscure results that pop up tend to have the information I’m looking for.

Google is becoming irrelevant. Someone else will be a disrupter and come up with an even better way of doing ads and search. Yeah, Google is a good company, but you need to realize that with every success story, someone else will come along who wants a piece of that pie, especially when the cost of entry is so cheap. Google’s moat is almost non-existent.

Lastly, Google’s products are a waste of energy. They need to focus on a couple of products and make them work well and not spit out 1,000 products and services that are in Beta mode.


5 Responses to “Google Will Be Obsolete”

  1. JBT said

    Blasphemer! (http://www.thechurchofgoogle.org/Scripture/Proof_Google_Is_God.html)

  2. ReaderThinker said

    In the long run, Google will almost certainly be obsolete. Of course, in the long run, we will all almost certainly be dead.

    The absolutely key point is that the switching cost is low. However, someone will have to be *better* to get most people to switch — it will hard for anyone to take such a dominant position in the future absent some great new insight.

    However, you are right that other engines (live.com, for example) are pretty much as good as Goog.

  3. Agent Smith said

    What Google does so well is give you the impression you are not being advertised to, spied on, or otherwise intruded upon. Their search page as well as their other “apps” are clean and simple.

    Being clean and easy to use made AOL a powerhouse for so long. Which could kind of prove your point about Google, when you look at where AOL is now.

  4. Google has proven that it is possible to force advertisers to have relevant textual ads *and* landing pages. If you don’t, your ad won’t be displayed or your click price will go up (hence you don’t want it to be displayed for budget reasons).

    Google has also proven that money can be made for both themselves and advertisers with a model where visitors are not jerked around via blind links or popups. It is always obvious what is an ad and what is editorial content. Not only in their search results but also in the ad sense network. Try to disguise an ad as content and your ad sense account will be blocked.

    Talking about ad sense, Google was the first to offer relevant ads on any web page with optimal earnings – without the webmaster having to monitor it everyday. Put the ad sense code on your page and you can leave it up to Google.

    The nice thing of it all is the natural balance between advertisers and visitors. It Google would annoy the user, like the author suggests, the number of views will drop and the advertisers will leave. Which obviously makes Google rethink their strategy. The business model is inherently fail safe and I don’t see Google go away in my lifetime.

  5. Quadrille said

    Nothing new and original to say, then?

    Google will be obsolete the second something better comes along. Period.

    With Google haters like you around, we may have a long wait!

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