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Who Says Hockey Has to be Boring?

Posted by iwanttofitin on March 16, 2007

If any of you were blessed to be present at the KSU hockey team’s first game of the season at the Ice Forum for this year, you have now joined up with one of the greatest fans the Owls have ever had. The Kennesaw State University Owls.

A KSU fan named Casey got attacked by the hockey stick of #8 Smith from Alabama through the glass. There was no provocation at all from the slightly intoxicated Casey who was yelling insults to the opposing teams player. Casey quickly turned the seemingly dangerous situation to his advantage. If you were not present, then you missed out on one of the greatest Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketfights through the glass ever. Emphasis on “through the glass.” The odds of being able to grab a hockey stick through a small crack in the glass is a very rare opportunity. This may be the only recorded event of this happening.

Casey reached through the 3 inch gap in the door in the glass, grabbed #8’s mask and slammed his face into the wall and not let go. The best part is #8 couldn’t do anything except yell the gayest comments ever thought up and tried to skate backwards while going nowhere. Yelling, “Stop, my mom won’t buy me a new shirt if this one rips”! is not a proper insult during a hockey vs. fan fight.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketA Facebook group was created specifically to honor this individual. You can check it out here. This group was created to give Casey props for showing Bama and the rest of the country that KSU doesn’t need a football team to have the best fans. KSU’s hockey team can handle their own, but don’t count out their fans either! Tell me what other school can get over 1,000 students into a place that holds only 300 people? I mean, they have cops there to throw fans out when they get to violent. Oh, and an ambulance usually arrives when someone gets alcohol poisoning.

As the ultimate recognition and compliment a team can get, Georgia Tech has opted not to play KSU in hockey again due to “fear of bodily harm to both their players and fans.” Hey, who said winning was easy?


6 Responses to “Who Says Hockey Has to be Boring?”

  1. scott v. said

    As a tech fan and former student I’ll challenge any ksu fan anywhere anytime… but really somebody has to stand up for us.

    In other news I’m going to the thrashers game tonight and can only hope to see something so awesome.

  2. Catie said

    im going to the thrashers game tonight too!

    what’re the odds…

  3. scott v. said

    yeah someone sold me bad thrashers tickets… but then the guy who worked for philips arena gave me free (better… as in 20 rows back) tickets for free! go thrashers!

  4. Catie and I went to the game looking to get the student discount tickets and some guy sold us tickets that were 16 rows back and center ice for $20. He went with me to the ticket office though. I wanted to make sure they were real.

  5. Richie said


    Hockey is boring.
    As hell.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. Catie said

    you were confusing hockey with women’s soccer or really just soccer in general.
    sorry, friend.

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