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Celebrating 400 Years of Stolen Land

Posted by iwanttofitin on March 18, 2007

It’s the 400th year anniversary of Jamestown and no one will celebrate it because the land was stolen. Why not just give all of America back to the Indians? They would never have stolen their land from another tribe. Of course not. They were good little rapists and scalpers. What about all the land acquired around the globe from wars? Some tribe or empire was the original owner of it. We could do a genealogy type search all the way back through history and find out who were the original occupiers of land all over the world and just give it back. I mean, hey, if we are so offended by a piece of land that nobody wants because it was “stolen,” then we should be offended by all pieces of land that are occupied by “invader.”

I say we should celebrate our land-grabbing heritage. The strongest survive and our European ancestors were able to literally show us how evolution works. They may have come here for a better life and freedom to worship God, but it was the religion of evolution that they were pushing. The Indians were a backward society with pitiful immune systems. The superior Europeans brought diseases with them and the Indian population suffered because of it. Why should we get upset about that? It’s not like the Europeans even knew the natives would be affected by disease. Don’t hate on the Europeans. Darwin was right. Certain races are superior. Just read the full title to his famous book: On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life. The natives had immune system deficiencies and are not able to tolerate alcohol. They were hundreds of years behind European society and the Europeans knew how to make better use of the land. I guess Europeans are a favored race. I’m quite proud of that.

Today we have the greatest country the world has ever seen. Rome was great, but they wouldn’t have achieved their greatness without slavery. Oh wait, we had slaves too. So did the Spanish, Portuguese, and other countries. How often we praise Rome as this wonderful achievement in history yet when it comes to America, we always get, “You had slaves.” Where’s survival of the fittest when it comes to that? Why don’t we just say that Africans weren’t/aren’t as good as American’s? That’s right. They are humans, so that “Natural Law” thing comes into play. And where does that come from?

How could America “be” without stolen land? Aren’t we living in a society that loves to push “the ends justify the means”? The world would be half Nazi Germany and half Imperialist Japan if the U.S. hadn’t be around to fight in WWII. Many claim we took over America through an “invasion.” I guess. Is that what you call moving? So all those released slaves after the Civil War moving up North were “invading” the North? I’m just being consistent. What about the immigrants, both legal and illegal, coming into America from the South? Some call that an invasion, others say they are looking for a better life. What happens if they end up with a majority and take over the U.S.? Do we now consider it an invasion? They moved here, but it is only an invasion if they actually take over the land? But wait, they would have done it legally and within the law. Europeans may have used contracts for the natives to sign away land, but was it really their land to give away to begin with? And anyway, being naive isn’t an excuse.

Let’s celebrate the fact that Jamestown in 400 years old. Why throw away heritage for the sake of political correctness? Remember, if it wasn’t for Jamestown and other settlements, you wouldn’t be here to protest.


2 Responses to “Celebrating 400 Years of Stolen Land”

  1. cat said

    Much as I hate to dignify this…bullcrap with a response, I had to say *something*. That something is: go and read some history books, moron.

  2. Lakeisha said

    You sound like an idiot and that’s all that I can say.

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