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Self-Defense Cannon?

Posted by iwanttofitin on March 19, 2007

I always loved the term “hand-cannon”. It has nice and powerful sound to it. A .50 caliber Desert Eagle is one of those guns. I’ve always wanted a powerful gun that has no other purpose other than being powerful. I own a shotgun for skeet shooting, turkey hunting, and at times just shooting for the pure enjoyment of the power sound it creates. Don’t forget about it’s stopping power in case someone is breaking into my home. Say hello to my wood stock Remington 12 gauge. But alas, it still doesn’t fulfill my desire.

Well, I have recently come across a true hand cannon, but it takes nerves of steal to use and your entire body. It still isn’t enough to overcome the insane 11,000 pound force it produces. If you can keep the gun in your hands and not fall down after pulling the trigger, you’re a true man. The recoil on this thing is insane. This gun was produced for stopping charging Elephants, Rhinoceros, and I guess T-Rex. This gun is properly called the 577 Tyrannosaur. Read about it here. You would only use this thing if your life was in danger. It is not a hunting gun. The video shows it all.

My favorite are the lab scientist guys shooting it. I imagine they designed this thing and know it’s potential. You know you’ve created a beast of a gun when even the creators don’t even know how to overcome the power.


3 Responses to “Self-Defense Cannon?”

  1. scott v said

    I almost bought a desert eagle yesterday but the price wasn’t quite right.

  2. John said

    This is nothing compared to some of the Victorian era elephant guns. Resembling oversized double-barreled shotguns and using a cartridge the size of a porn star’s johnson, they fired an eight ounce bullet of one inch diameter propelled by 750 grains of black powder… and they didn’t have high tech recoil reducers. The guns were far heavier than most of today’s firearms, often weighing twenty pounds or more, because sheer weight was the only way Victorian gunmakers had of taming the ferocious recoil. No wonder the Great White Hunters of the day usually hired gunbearers. šŸ˜€

    Even though the great weight did help tame the beast, the guns could still literally knock an unprepared shooter flat on his arse.

  3. I’m no expert on Victorian elephant guns but from some reading I’ve done, the velocity ranged from 1500 to 2000 fps. That’s serious, but that .557 Tyrannosaur gets up to 2500 fps. That’s much more powerful than even the largest elephant gun from the Victorian Era.

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