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The Perfect Way to Have Sex

Posted by iwanttofitin on March 20, 2007

I’m not talking about positions or anything. Anyway, I’d be the last person to ask about that since it’s not even part of my life yet. When the day comes that I’ve experienced it, I’m sure I’ll have some pretty cool positions to share. I’d like to bring up something that has come to my attention regarding sex in our society. I know we are a free society, but giving away sex for free just doesn’t sound very profitable. In a capitalistic society, we should be able to sell it.

Think about it, politicians have make it so you can give it away for free with consent because it’s your body (as long as you’re old enough). What they won’t allow you to do is profit off of that same consent. Seems backward doesn’t it?

There are thousands of homeless people in this country and they could make a fine living, if they were so inclined, off of selling themselves. Sex can be a commodity just like milk, or the services eBay provides. You can have sex with people for free in a movie, but get paid for it as an “actor” and that’s legal. Why is it “ok” to do it for free but somehow wrong if you do it for money?

What if we made it illegal to have sex outside of marriage if you do it for free and say you have to charge at least $250 for it. That would curb a lot of premarital sex, I would think. That would be much better than teaching children, “hey, premarital sex can give you some STDs. You shouldn’t do it, but in case you do, here are some condoms.” Not many kids can whip out $250 as often as they can whip other things out. That might even force a lot of teenagers to get jobs or become entrepreneurs.

It would also solve a lot of welfare problems too. All those women who have 20 kids so they can get more of your and my tax money wouldn’t have an excuse to have the many children and then they could get paid for the sex they would have to conceive that many children. I’m sure it would be more profitable for them. Not as many mouths to feed and bodies to clothe. They’d even have a job and the unemployment rate would go down.

You could probably even cut down on the spread of STDs and AIDS. If you’re having to shell out money like that for something that is no longer illegal, you could be more selective with whom you do it with. You could do background checks and blood tests like the porn stars. If you contracted some STD or AIDS you could only do it with prostitutes who are diseased too.

This is sounding like a better and better idea the more I write about it. A country that gets rid of its slum areas through sex. How awesome of a slogan could you come up with for something like that? That would be a great platform for Hillary to run on. She’s probably thinking that if Bill had charged for his sexual promiscuity they would be so much more well off. He could have charged a million dollars or more. There would be many women who would pay for that.

Get out there and petition the government to allow Americans to charge for sex.


5 Responses to “The Perfect Way to Have Sex”

  1. alotofgoodways said

    “Get out there and petition the government to allow Americans to charge for sex.”

    Charging for sex is illegal in the US?!

    Charging for sex is perfectly legal in the UK, and most of Europe, I believe. What isn’t legal is the solicitation of your services. Oh drat, what a way to put a dampener on someone’s business idea!

  2. I think what he means is that EVERYONE pays for sex, until they are married. Like if a guy and his girlfriend wanted to have sex, he would have to pay someone (some service that would be invented once it came into action) $250.

    I agree, premarital sex would go WAY down. Would gay couples have to pay too?

    Also, would it be $250 everytime you wanted to have sex, or would it be a one time fee per girl?

    lol, anyways, I have no idea where you get some of this stuff.

  3. cat said

    Bloody hell. I think I lost several IQ points just from *reading* that.

  4. Someone said

    Umm… Alice and person Bob want to have sex, so Alice gives Bob $250, and Bob gives Alice $250. Now they can have sex.

  5. Hmmmm…I never really thought of it going both ways. That would be even better. Way to contribute!

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