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What Kind of Trash is This?

Posted by iwanttofitin on March 23, 2007

I like to look at my referrals to see where my traffic is coming from. Recently there have been a few strange links that make no sense. There was one from some Chinese art site that was completely in Chinese. Another was from an official Microsoft help page. This morning I clicked on one because it was another blog and I always check out other blogs who are kind enough to visit mine. Well, I was in for a surprise. I have no idea what this person is writing about.

Here is a sample of something from her (I’m confident it is a “she”) blog. This is from Wednesday. Oh, and the blog is called Escaping from Guilt.

ytd nite was my 1st lesson of chem/phy =(
no maples! no maples!
ok, i can listen to wat the teacher say compare to sch. yup =)
i stil tok to reen when listen to teacher, coz he teacher basic ting! ROARS!~
gtg for slp! tml gonna wake at 10am to go work n lata 5oclock gonna meet reen for dinner n go for my math niteclass =) jiay0u qian!! JIAYOU! =)

countdown to 24th, meet reen n min for movie wif jun!
2more daes! kambatte!

I can make out most of it, but her whole blog is written this way. At firs I thought it was her way of “being different.” But then I saw that she has a comment type instant messenger thingy on the left column of the blog. Other people have been talking to her using the same kind of language. I’m not sure how else to refer to it. It’s the weirdest thing.

My age may be 23, but Instant Message or Internet talk isn’t completely foreign to me. I may not use it but I’ve seen enough of it to at least think I know what it is. But from what I see, this isn’t the same. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Also, what is “MAPLES”? She uses that word in almost all of her posts.

Someone please be kind to inform me what this madness is. Thank you. Again, her blog is Escaping from Guilt.


6 Responses to “What Kind of Trash is This?”

  1. JBT said

    It’s the generation gap, man! Back when us old folks (you know, 20-somethings). Our simple shortcuts like LOL, ROTFLMAO, A/S/L, and GDnR have transmogrified into a new, mostly unspeakable, language.

    When I lived in Dunwoody, my neighbor had a 12 year old who explained some of it to me. Many of the words (if you can even call them words) do not have literal translations to English. Some do not even have pronunciations. It is literally a language of it’s own (perhaps more so than even Ebonics). There are even dialects that can vary from school to school. He explained to me that at his old school, “wedup” meant two students were having sex. At his current school it just meant they were in a relationship.

    The language is a combination of abbreviations, slang, phonetic spellings, and code-words. All meant to make communication easily and also to confound parents. I imagine “MAPLES” is a code word.

  2. That’s so sad that five years can completely destroy what you once knew. I’m glad someone knows what is going on. Wouldn’t it be easier to create a “teen” language that you could speak also? That would make it so much simpler and more efficient. At least I think so.

    Oh, and I think Maples is a guy she likes. She puts a sad face after it when she writes “no maples.”

    Who knew that Instant Message shortcuts would have dialects? Next thing you know they’ll start using only binary code.

  3. alotofgoodways said

    She says ‘lor’ at the end of her sentence in one of her messages…This is a typical Malaysian (and general surrounding area) thing to do, to add ‘leh’, ‘lor’, ‘lah’ – which don’t actually mean anything – onto the end of sentences.

    Her friends in her comment box also do the same, so I think we can conclude that she maybe doesn’t speak English as a 1st language…BUT, it doesn’t excuse her, because it’s obviously not typical for non-native English speakers to do this. A lot of people try to follow the grammatical and spelling rules of their second language to the letter, even if they do make unintentional errors along the way.

    My guess is that she’s got a very good grasp of English – native or no – because it takes some damn skill to be fluent in this bastardised ‘net version! My little sister does the same…I just can’t keep up. When I was her age (and I’m only 22 myself), the only abbreviations I can remember were ‘u’, ‘b’, ‘2’, etc. And that’s all they were – abbreviations. Not whole new words!

  4. Many Malaysians speak English as a first language. If she was Malaysian, I wouldn’t be surprised if she knew English very well.

  5. Ka Mun said

    There are Malaysians who speak/write like that just because they want to. It’s a disgrace, but there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Gawd it’s embarrassing to know that people all over the world can access her blog, and wonder what the heck she’s trying to say.
    By the way, I think by Maples she means the online game Maple Story. It’s pretty popular over here right now.

  6. nymph said

    LOL that is just too much!

    i guess thats the new gibberish…like passing notes in code or something…idk

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