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HotEnough.org Application Update!

Posted by iwanttofitin on March 27, 2007

This morning I checked my email with the hope of getting something related to hotenough.org. I’ve been waiting a while and have heard nothing. My trust in the service was plummeting exponentially. To my surprise, I was the proud recipient of an email from hotenough.org. To be honest, if it was a rejection letter it wouldn’t have been a big deal. That would have been fun to write about. I truly am sorry to say that it wasn’t an acceptance letter either.

Apparently they have been overwhelmed with applications recently. 20,000 have been received in the past 7 days. Good for them. Bad for me and you. My guess is that with all the media coverage people have been scrambling to sign up. I’d like to think my pitiful blog sent the largest chunk. Everyone and their private parts knows that isn’t true (your privates are an extension of you. Pun definitely intended no matter how cheesy it is).

They sent me a form letter let gave me more reason to worry. The letter itself is believable but there is one word that is misspelled and it’s an obvious mistake. You know those emails you get from Kenya asking for your help in transferring money to the U.S.? It reminded me of that because those emails have some serious grammar and spelling problems. I may have those same problems but I’m not selling anything so I make no excuses.

Check out my awesome form email and see if you can spot the mistake. If you can’t, you need glasses or to go back to elementary school.
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5 Responses to “HotEnough.org Application Update!”

  1. So where’s the email?

  2. Well, it’s right above your comment, but I’ll make it a little more obvious.

  3. For some reason internet access at work messes up all the formatting so that’s probably why I can’t see it.

  4. alotofgoodways said

    I hope the wait IS worht it…

  5. freshlybrewed said

    Crazy. I blogged about this site a few days ago too, so maybe we’re both responsible for the overwhelming response they got! (or not). Curious to see if this site really takes off after all the hoo-pla dies down.

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