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John Edwards’ Wife Does Not Have Cancer

Posted by iwanttofitin on March 27, 2007

I only had one vote which means one of two things. Either no one cares or no one is reading. I prefer to think that no one cares. So, based on one reader that truly does care, I give you my 100% accurate article discussing truths about the Edwards campaign.

Look, right now, there are no contenders for the White House that are worth voting for by anyone. They are all in it for personal gain and care nothing for the United States as a whole. With that being said, John Edwards is capitalizing on his wife’s fake disease. You heard it here first. I have it from an insider in Edwards’ campaign that John Edwards and his wife have agreed to use her past problems with breast cancer as a sympathy issue for his campaign.

No human being with any sort of love for his wife would put her into the spotlight if she really did have a life threatening problem. John Edwards was in the Senate on pure luck. He was voted out after his failed Presidential before the 2004 election. He really has no credentials and he knows this. What better way to take the spotlight off of that than to use a woman with an illness as the issue. Here’s the campaign phrase you’ll hear from him day in and day out. “We need more funding for cancer research.” Then he’ll make an outrageous promise that we’ll find a cure for breast cancer within two years of his presidency. Sounds nice and all but won’t happen. Women tend to be very emotional and either know someone or have had breast cancer themselves and will vote for Edwards because of this. Why would he lie? he’s a Democrat and it sounds very sad if his wife has cancer.

So a majority of women will vote for him. That’s a given. All he needs is a decent amount of men to vote for him and he has it. That’s it. The Edward’s campaign knows the value of a sick spouse to a candidate. A sick candidate is weak. A sick wife is strength.

As a note to all. I am the inside informer so that ought to tell you something.


4 Responses to “John Edwards’ Wife Does Not Have Cancer”

  1. Jenn said

    Everything I hoped it would be.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it. I’m just waiting for the comments about how awful I am to pour in.

  3. dave said

    I don’t get it. the headline says that she doesn’t have cancer, but the article says she does, and how he’s a bastard for exploiting it. so which is it… are they exploiting the fact that she has cancer, or are they lying about the fact that she has cancer?
    Those are very different things.

  4. The Dude said

    And in today’s news… he exploits his son’s death, which happened 11 years ago!! That’s sad and all… but damn man! Using a son’s death for political gain is tacky. Ah well, anything to make him get more votes than Hillary Cunton, I’m all for it!

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