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America is FINALLY Taking Over the World

Posted by iwanttofitin on March 29, 2007

America as a civilization has been pitifully absent from empirical takeovers during its existence. You can say we took over Mexican and French land to have what is now the U.S.A. It was all supposedly Indian land anyway so we really took it over from Indians. Anyway, no one should really care anyway. We’ve got this country that has been isolated. We’re in other countries all over the world but hold almost no land outside of our United States. I have learned that this stupid idea of isolation has finally come to an end. There are a few articles out there talking about a new $1 billion embassy that the U.S.A. is constructing in Baghdad, Iraq. You can read about it here.

This new embassy that sits on 104 acres of land and will house 5,000 employees is the first step in total world domination. What better place to gain a stronghold than somewhere in the Middle East? Iraq has tons of oil that we need. We really haven’t taken advantage of it yet but once the puppet government gives all the oil contracts to U.S. companies we will have all the cheap oil we need. Venezuela will have no power anymore. Neither will Saudi Arabia or Russia. At least they won’t have any sway with the U.S.

I’ve always wondered why we haven’t completely taken over all of North and South America yet. It wouldn’t take but the threat of invasion and all the countries would surrender. Canada probably wouldn’t care either way. Their just “there.” No one even thinks about them anymore.

Here are some specs on this embassy:

will comprise 21 buildings, its own water wells, an electricity plant, and a wastewater treatment facility, making the huge compound completely independent of Iraq….The massive compound will include two major diplomatic office buildings, homes for the ambassador and his deputy, apartment buildings for staff, and a recreational facility that will provide a swimming pool, gym, commissary, food court, and American Club.

That’s more like a palace than an embassy. Oh wait, it is housed in the middle of Baghdad in one of Saddam’s old palaces. How is that for not having a long-standing presence in Iraq? We supposedly go in to get rid of Saddam and give Iraq back to the people and then what do we do? We occupy one of the places that reminds Iraqi’s of their former dictator. The occupier is supposedly their savior. Yeah right.

How does this make for an empire? Ancient Rome was all about grandeur and vastness. I think America has finally realized that to have a true impact in the world, we need to spread not only our cultural ways but we need to actually spread our country out. The first step is the Middle East. Usually you save the toughest spots for last and go with easy targets first, but the thinking is probably this: If you can’t take over the tough spots with full strength, how are you going to do it when you’re spread out? This embassy puts us squarely in the middle on the most volatile place on the planet and gives us an advantage of having a large presence there indefinitely.

This embassy is grand and vast. It will be the largest embassy in the world. Fear and respect are a part of getting people to surrender to your will. A huge embassy with all the bells and whistles strikes a fear into a lesser people. The U.S. will seem even more wealthy and powerful to these people than ever before. Fear will run deep. This is the first step to domination. The U.S. will finally have a place in history beside ancient Rome as the greatest empire this world has ever seen.


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