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Big News! Europe Tops U.S. in Stock Market Value!

Posted by iwanttofitin on April 3, 2007

Let me ask you something? How biased is the title of this post? Think about it. Here is the article that discusses this “breaking” news.

How is this important or relevant? Well, supposedly this means that Europe is overtaking the U.S. That probably is correct in terms of overall economic clout. But why compare a whole continent to one country? That’s where the bias is located. Compare country to country not continent to country. Why is everyone so happy when the U.S. loses? Who doles out the most money all over the world? Who bails countries out of trouble? You ask for help and then get upset at the U.S.’s wealth? Why? Jealousy.

Europe, the continent, as a whole is larger in both size and population than America, the country. Russia alone is almost twice the size of America in terms of land mass. The population of all of Europe is over 710 million people while America hovers somewhere around 300 million.

If those statistics were given, I think the article would have taken a different direction. America is still more of a powerhouse than Europe as a whole is. In terms of population and land mass only along with the value of our stock markets versus Europe’s, America is twice as productive and wealthy.


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