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No Wonder I Have Trouble Hearing (Pictures Included)

Posted by iwanttofitin on April 6, 2007

A few years back I was increasingly having trouble hearing. Things were either getting muffled or I flat out couldn’t hear a word that was being said. What to do? I went to the doctor. You want to know what he found? I have overactive earwax production. He couldn’t see my eardrum. There was a bunch of wax stuck in there blocking the canal. That was why I was losing my hearing. To fix the problem he had me lie on my side with my left ear facing up and he filled it with Hydrogen Peroxide. This is one of the weirdest feelings you can have. You’re faced with a dilemma-stay there and handle the uncomfortable feeling of having your ear filled up with a liquid or sit there and take the extreme bubble action that tickles the snot out of your ear. I chose the latter. I wanted to hear again.

Next on the to do list was to drain my ear after about 5 minutes and then take an ear syringe filled with warm water and squirt the water in my ear. This flushed any chunks out that weren’t dissolved by the peroxide. The nurse and I were amazed at some of the chunks that came out. We were both completely disgusted yet strangely fascinated. It isn’t really something you see every day or even hear about.

My trip was done and the doctor prescribed me to do this to both my ears once a month. Ok. I can handle that. That’s like the dentist telling me I need to floss. I didn’t do it once afterwards-that is until last night-three years later.

Let first tell you something. Before my first encounter with the doctor and the peroxide flush, I tried those ear candle things. You stick the bugger in your ear, lie on your side, and light the top. You let it burn down and all the while it is supposed to suck the wax out of your ear. Sounds good in theory. There is something about suction that pulls the wax out. I figured these things out. A ton of people swear by them because there is always a big chunk of wax left over after the burning. That’s not ear wax. It’s the wax from the candle. Burn one without it being in your ear and you’ll see.

Ok. Last night I decided to do some serious ear cleansing. I had been having some serious trouble hearing recently. My phone seemed to be getting weaker and so on. I went to the store and go some hydrogen peroxide and an ear syringe. I’ve decided to post some pictures of what came out of my right ear.

Let me preface these pictures by saying that the q-tip is there for size comparison. Also, what you see is after ONE flushing from my ear. I flushed it twice to make sure I got it all but nothing of value came out the second time. My left ear is another story. It took a total of EIGHT flushings to get clean. For some reason it was really packed in there. What you see in the pictures would be about double or triple for my left ear. Honestly, I was very disgusted at what I saw. I even apologized to my body for it being so gross. The quality isn’t the greatest but I wasn’t really all that excited about photographing these ear beans.

Oh, and I can hear beautifully again!





4 Responses to “No Wonder I Have Trouble Hearing (Pictures Included)”

  1. David said

    Maybe that’s why my hearing is so bad.

  2. alotofgoodways said

    I almost vomited when I saw this — you could have warned that there would be pictures :-S.

    My hearing is terrible – always has been, always will be.

  3. Ethan said

    I never knew that Hydrogen Peroxide would work.
    I’ve had to do this by using a product called Debrox.

    I think headphones can cause your ears to produce more earwax than normal. (At least thats what seemed to cause it for me.)

  4. Valeri said

    I used to do this when I was younger. I used to love to hold a mirror up and see how many bubbles bubbled out of my ear. I was always jealous of my dad because he always had a lot more bubbles than me.

    I enjoy the bubbley feeling 🙂

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