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Boy Do I Suck

Posted by iwanttofitin on April 9, 2007

I’ve discussed my obsession with Guitar Hero before and I thought I was pretty decent. I can complete all songs on Expert mode except for Jordan and Six and even five star most of them. Those two songs are ridiculous for anyone. Now, I haven’t really practiced them but sometimes when I really want to hate myself I’ll play through Jordan and get around 50% of the way through before I fail. It’s understandable because that’s where the notes go crazy and no human being can possibly hit all of them.

This morning, a video was sent my way and I decided to check it out because it’s fun to watch really good people play the game. Well, this happened to be a girl and she made me want to cry. You really want to watch this. The main video is focused on her and the smaller inset video is the TV with all the notes. You’ll want to really pay attention from 1:28 through 3:15.

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