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This is Why You Should Stretch

Posted by iwanttofitin on April 14, 2007

For those of you who don’t think stretching before attempting some sort of physical activity is that important, check these pictures out. A good friend of mine decided to play some softball and since the sport isn’t really that physically demanding, he felt there was no reason to prepare.

The doctor said it’s a pulled hamstring, but from the pictures, I’d say it is torn.






One Response to “This is Why You Should Stretch”

  1. Although you may use stretching as a warmup, such a practice is often counterproductive. Warming up before stretching is important in two regards. First, core body teperature is elevated. Second, muscles are subject to thixotropy, which is the tendency of gel(e.g body fluids) to become less viscous, following a period of being shaken or otherwise disturbed by outside forces. This explains why periods of inactivity tend to cause muscular stiffness, and why muscular viscosity is reduced when muscles are active. NEVER STRETCH A COLD MUSCLE. Always warm up before taking off into a deep sprint.

    Looks like a horrible tear.

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