I Want to Fit In

Politically Incorrect Social Studies

Heads Up 7Up

Posted by iwanttofitin on April 23, 2007

You lay your head on your desk, your arms wrapped around to conceal your face, which is pressing against the desk that you realize 12 years later was probably sneezed on several times by one of your classmates only minutes earlier. At the time you begin smelling that strange spot on the desk. You wonder if it’s edible. Hmmm. Your thumb is up, high and proud. You begin to sweat and the air you breathe gets heavier and heavier.

All of a sudden, your thumb gets pressed down. Instead of waiting for the round to end, you sneak a peak at the perpetrators shoes or maybe even the bottom of their shirt. Maybe even a quick peak at their rear with that hope that it’s Susan. A red, striped shirt and white keds. Got it.

When the round ends, and it is time for you to pick from a row of suspects, you know exactly who to choose.

Ha! You knew it…good old Jenny Smith, that bitch. You just pretended to be her friend because, well….who else could you talk into doing “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours”? You hesitate for a few seconds and scan the other suspects to make it seem like you really didn’t know all along. Then you point your accusing finger.

Now you are a champion in your own right. And you did it by cheating…at Heads Up 7Up. Hey, who wouldn’t’?


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