I Want to Fit In

Politically Incorrect Social Studies


I’m a college student with a full time job writing what I feel like. It entertains me and gives me a way to express what is on my mind. Others are entertained too. My college classes give me limitless amounts of observational material that I find hilarious enough to share.

I may find a news story worthy of discussion. I might have an idea in my head and need to flesh it out. That’s done through writing for me. Sometimes a good story pops into my head. You’ll end up reading it. My observations are made known to those who frequent my blog too. Sometimes I feel like an issue is blown out of proportion and people don’t think it through to it’s logical conclusion. Those issues are written about in ways that make me look racist, bigoted, hateful, sexist, etc. I may or may not believe what I write. If you don’t agree, give me a good response. “Don’t judge” and name calling won’t do.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. lizzyd said

    this page is boring.

  2. dave said

    Obviously the blog of a very sad, lonely, person trying hard to get attention – but failing miserably

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