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You Say You Pop Your Collar?

Posted by iwanttofitin on April 30, 2007

Today we salute you, Mr. Constant Collar Popper Upper. You, bedecked in popped collar, teach n2201712532_39027us that we no longer have to live with a cold back of the neck. Sure, your Pink Alligator polo may look feminine to some, but not to the 17 other frat guys wearing the same thing at the bar. Where others may see Read the rest of this entry »


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Absolutely the Gayest Thing Ever

Posted by iwanttofitin on April 12, 2007

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There Is No Such Thing As Art

Posted by iwanttofitin on April 3, 2007

I have been struggling recently to define “art.” It happens to be something I was thinking about in a more specific area. My original thinking was that Christian music is awful. That took me to try and figure out what made “good” music, because I couldn’t argue if something was awful if I couldn’t prove it. Well, the problem with that is that there really Read the rest of this entry »

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Commit Suicide? Sure, I’ll Help You.

Posted by iwanttofitin on February 21, 2007

This morning I was reading a book and came across an interesting section talking about suicide and how America and the rest of the world seems to think that assisted suicide (aka murder) is an ok thing. Yeah, we have laws against it but the consensus about the Terri Schiavo hoopla was that we should murder her because she would do it herself if she had the ability. The reach around assisted suicide. That’s a very dangerous slippery slope to start wandering down. We already have started sliding down that slope and it has its implications.

I’ve already discussed the importance of the right to be able to abuse your own body in any way you see fit. I didn’t go into Read the rest of this entry »

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