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Christianity Vs. Atheism Debate

Posted by iwanttofitin on May 8, 2007

Check it out at Christianity Today. It’s done in the form of letters back and forth.



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I’m Curious (Looking for an Evolutionist/Atheist Viewpoint)

Posted by iwanttofitin on April 17, 2007

I came across this quote in something I was reading the other day and it struck my interest. Now for me, it is understandable and I get it. But, since I’m not either an evolutionist or an atheist or anything similar, I am curious to know what a response would be to that. There are many, I’m sure. From my previous joke posts on evolution, I’ve been shown there are many of you who have ventured into my blog and here’s something else for you to comment on. Please enlighten me. Read the rest of this entry »

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